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Tempus Robolo® has Arrived!

We’ve been getting a ton of new products lately, and with the IPCPR trade show around the corner, this deluge isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Quite possibly the most exciting of our huge crop of new items is the Tempus Robolo®, our exclusive size in Alec Bradley’s highly-rated Tempus line.

The stout Robolo® size allows for an enormous amount of smoke to come through the stogie, which allows the smoker to really sort out the flavor profile. I smoked one the other day and got dark chocolate, espresso, red pepper, raisins, and leather, and that was just in the first third. Meanwhile, this thing burned exquisitely and drew like a champ—I was puffing away pretty rapidly, and despite the massive nicotine buzz that nearly knocked me on my ass (smoke this one slowly), the smoke stayed cool and smooth the whole time. It’s also worth mentioning that this stogie kept its ash for about two inches—that’s almost half the length of the cigar.

We think everybody should try our exclusive addition to this much-touted blend, so we’re running a pretty awesome special right now. For a limited time, you get free shipping on all boxes and 5-packs of Tempus Robolo, along with a free stick with every 5-pack and a free 5-pack with every full box. If free shipping and free top-shelf stogies aren’t enough of an incentive to try a phenomenal cigar, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I hope you all get to try the Tempus Robolo®, because this is one of the best cigars, let alone exclusive cigars, that we’ve ever tried. I’m planning on smoking as many of these as humanly possible, so it’d be a good idea to order yours before I end up smoking them all!