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The Blending Process with Jesus Fuego (video)

Jesus Fuego had a long history of blending for some of the most recognizable brands in the cigar industry before branching off on his own and forming J.Fuego Cigars. Here he speaks to us about his blending process.

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Hi everybody. Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego cigars at and we’re talking about blending today.  This is one of the questions that I have very frequently, “Where do I get my inspiration for the blends?” I wish I could give you a magical formula with that. A lot of people say, “You have to be touched by God to do this” but I really don’t believe in that.

I think the whole key behind the blending . . . my inspirations are the smokers. What I learn about the kind of things that people want to hear about, the kind of experiences they want to have. That I would say is where I get my inspiration from. Sometimes I smoke cigars from the competition that just makes me jealous and I want to try something near that experience and extrapolate it to my own philosophy of getting a complex blend of that.

I think a very important thing of the blend part is probably because of my background, how I was brought up, is the raw materials. I think the true heroes in the industry are the people behind the growing and the processing. If you have good quality tobacco you can make wonderful things.

But I would say my main inspiration, what drives me to create new blends is when I travel and see fields and smoke some tobaccos by themselves and they strike me like something different. I start wondering how they would be or compare or mix or blended with other things that I saw in different fields or in different areas. I try to put them together. The reality is that 90% of the time or more, what I write down about a blend that I have made is that I should never put this together again.

Then, here and there a good one pops up and then it’s a big thrill because I am just eager to share it with the people. You know, when I get that experience I, that cigar that impacts me. I let the cigar itself do a lot of . . . drive the blending process. I let the cigar speak to myself and I try to think how it will be in a different altitude or in different weather. It’s a fun process of role.

The main inspiration, like I said, comes from the smoker. From hearing people say, “I wish I could taste this,” or “I wish I could get this kind of flavor.” Or finding the cigar we go and have a huge variety of tobaccos that we can work with so all about the complexity and all about the smoker at the end of the day. The cigars make no sense without the guy burning it and enjoying it. My grandfather used to say that cigars, money, and life until you burn them, you don’t know what they were for. So, we’re just going to keep trying them and I hope you keep enjoying them.