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The Great Humidor Heist

Last week in Naples, Florida, some slick shoplifter walked into a resort gift shop and walked out with $1200 in Cohiba and “Criollo” cigars (Maybe C.A.O. Criollo? I’m pretty sure that’s not a brand, but that might have been some shoddy research on the reporter’s part) and a $400 humidor, according to an article in a local paper. The kicker is that the theft occurred between 9:30 and 9:40 a.m.—in broad daylight.

Lynn Turco, the store’s manager, noticed that the merchandise was missing while she was stocking shelves. She mentioned that a 70-year-old man walked into the store with a large green bag, but couldn’t give a detailed description of the man.

No information has been released as to how the merchandise was stolen, though I can only assume that the guy with the big green bag had something to do with it. Call me paranoid, but isn’t that the type of person you keep an eye on when you’re running a store?

I feel for the manager, though—having had years of experience in retail, I know how easy it can be in a “the customer’s always right” environment to be a bit too trusting. But regardless of whether Turco could’ve been a little more diligent about keeping an eye on her customers, I hope she and police find out whoever did it and make him smoke the whole bag. That should teach him.

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