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The International Women’s Cigar Society – Making a Difference One Puff at a Time

I’m somewhat new to the cigar industry so when I first heard of the International Women’s Cigar Society (IWCS) I was extremely excited! Most people see the cigar world as a male dominated industry, so to learn about a group of ladies that have dedicated their lives to the cigar business is pretty cool.

The IWCS is comprised of a collection of female shop owners, professional tobacconists, manufacturers, cigar sales staff and enthusiastic consumers that are all dedicated to serving women in the industry. This not for profit educational group provides a supportive environment for women to not only succeed but to be recognized for their achievements and contributions within the cigar industry.

These ladies have several goals in mind but overall they want to support women in the work world and encourage them to become successful in their area of expertise. The organization has created a unique network for women who are passionate about cigars.

The IWCS holds fundraisers often and their motto is “Making a Difference, One Puff at a Time.” The latest step the IWCS has taken is to support the work of Cigar Rights of America. Cindy Saka, IWCS Marketing Director (and wife of Drew Estate CEO, Steve Saka), said that the International Women’s Cigar Society wanted to do something that recognized the work of Cigar Rights of America.

“We know the challenges the industry is confronted with by the FDA and we want to be part of the solution,” said Saka. With that being said the IWCS decided to make a financial contribution to advance the defense of the cigar industry.

While the IWCS is mainly for women who smoke cigars and women who work in the cigar industry, they welcome anyone to join, including men. IWCS even has memberships for women’s cigar clubs and individual female smokers. If you’re interested in becoming a member or even donating to IWCS visit their website today!