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The Nicaragua Meteorite Hit, But Your Cigars Are Safe

Nicaragua MeteoriteThis morning a Meteorite hit Nicaragua leaving a 12 meter blast radius near the airport in the capital city of
Managua.  It is assumed it was part of the asteroid 2014RC that was detected just a few days ago.  Astronomer Humberto Saballos said the meteorite could have broken off from the 2014RC asteroid which passed Earth at the same time.

2014RC, which is roughly the size of a single family home, came closest to earth at late Sunday when it passed over New Zealand at a distance of about 25,000 miles.

Often, an asteroid isn’t just one single “rock” but rather a collection of smaller rocks fused together.   So this most likely was part of 2014RC.

The good news is that your Nicaraguan Cigars are safe.   The relatively small impact crater didn’t damage any of the much desired tobacco fields,  nor did it directly hit the airport which would hurt the ability to ship those cigars.

Recently Best Cigar Prices visited Nicaragua to explore the new types of cigars coming from that country.  (in case you didn’t see it,  below is the press release).


Best Cigar Prices Visits Nicaragua and Brings Home New Cigars for Their Customers

Best Cigar Prices recently visited Nicaragua and brought home new cigars for their clients.

Drums, PA (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Best Cigar Prices recently visited Nicaragua and found many differing types of cigars to bring back to our clients. Recently over the years Nicaragua has become more and more important in the cigar world. Nicaragua has a rich tobacco history but recently cigars that have come from the country have become more important for many individuals that enjoy premium cigars.

Recently many cigar manufacturers have created all-Nicaraguan cigars and more and more customers are demanding these types of cigars.


The reason for the growth of the Nicaraguan Cigar industry is due to the type of climate, Tobacco Seeds, Soil as well as the fact that many large Dominican cigar makers have purchased farms in Nicaraguan and are growing tobacco and creating cigars in the country now.


Best Cigar Prices has brought back many samples from the region and are actively testing those cigars and blends.

It was an eventful trip and our clients will benefit from the proactive trip on securing the new Nicaraguan cigars on their behalf. Best Cigar Prices will be listing new made in Nicaragua cigars for purchase shortly. Visit to learn more.