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The Return of Kensington by Alec Bradley

After months and months of waiting, we’re happy to announce that the all-new, completely re-blended Kensington by Alec Bradley is back in our humidor! The wait is finally over, and the countless customers we had on back order can now enjoy our best Kensingtons yet.

If you’re not familiar with our exclusive Kensington brand, it’s time for a bit of a history lesson. We released these back in 2008, and they were met with a very positive response. Shortly after that, we had Alec Bradley blend us a Maduro-wrapped counterpart to the original, and those, too, were well received. All was well and good for a few years, but last year, we were given the unfortunate news that some of the tobaccos in the blend had become unavailable.

Instead of further delaying production and hoping that those would become available again, we improvised and completely re-blended the entire line. The original Kensington is now Kensington Connecticut Reserve, and is made with a Connecticut wrapper, Indonesian binder, and Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. Kensington Maduro is now Kensington Reserve Maduro, and now features an equally-dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and binder, along with Honduran, Mexican, and Nicaraguan fillers.

To say that we’re happy with the new blends would be the understatement of the year. Connecticut Reserve is still mild-to-medium-bodied, but is smoother than it’s ever been before with notes of sweet cream, caramel, and a little kick of pepper on the finish. The medium-bodied Reserve Maduro is a bit chocolatier than its predecessors, and boasts big, bold flavors of coffee, cedar, and baking spice. Both feature the best construction we’ve seen from the brand so far, making for a picture-perfect burn and draw every time you light one up.

We’ve been test smoking this new batch since the day they came off the truck, and they just keep getting better and better every time. We’re currently offering an awesome special on these—free shipping on all boxes and 5-packs, and a free 4-pack of Kensington Rothschilds with every box, in the opposite wrapper shade. This way, you can try both wrapper shades at no extra charge—who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking the other even more!

Given the success of our last few Kensington runs, we expect these to fly off of our shelves, so we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on this totally new spin on one of our most popular exclusive brands!