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This Cigar Review is so perfect that we decided to repost it in it’s entirety.

This review is for the Six Zero Massivo Cigars The bundle of 5 goes for $18.95. According to the review, Six Zero Cigars is one of the best values out there.


verified buyer
Six Zero Massivo: My New Long-burn Favorite! By: V. M. on 01/17/2014

Given the shared provenance with Aging Room and Swag, I decided to give this recently catalog- cover-featured big-ring BCP-exclusive a try. I like a 60+ ring and have counted the Casa Blanca Jeroboam Maduro or Natural, with it’s massive 10×66 size, among my favorite all-day suckers. Living in a fairly temporate climate, I enjoy the more occasional but protracted open-air smoking experience while taking in the river and woodlands views surrounding my property. The 10×66 C.B. Jeroboam requires a good 2+ hours to reduce its 10″ length to a nub. Surpisingly, the 7×60 Six Zero Massivo Maduro easily rivaled the endurance of the comparably larger C.B. with an amazing 2 1/2 hour burn to reduce its 7″ length to a 1 1/2 nub! (For reference – Ambient temperature 50F @ 44% humidity @ elevation 30′ above sea-level) The incredible endurance of the S.Z.M. would hardly be worthwhile on its own merit if it did not also embody so many other desirable traits. To begin with the maduro wrapper is tight and durable. The form is consistent and the leaf quality is clean and uniform. The 8mm punch hole I prefer to use on 60+ ring did not result in any peeling or disintegration on the cap – even after over 2 hours of soaking. With the 8mm punch about 3/16″ into the cap, the draw was clean and effortless. The wrapper burned with very little uneveness – generally less than 1/4″ from perfectly even about 3 times in the entire 2 1/2 hours. A light draw with relaxed pauses in between produced ample amounts of nicely flavored smoke without requiring any re-light. The filler was tightly wound enough to maintain a continuous burn, but without restricting the draw. The S.Z.M. is also very consistent. The pleasant warm spice-notes that are apparent from the first draft are still equally present and pleasant down to a 2″ nub, without any unwanted sharpness or harshness. Unlike some reasonable priced larger sticks, that start out high in flavor while the smoke is filtering through the filler at full-length but then trade their flavor for intensity as the remaining unburned filler decreases, these retain their character well throughout. I for one feel I have found a new favorite extended-experience smoke. (I may even sample the Robolo at some point, as it is the same 60 ring at a 4 1/2″ length – for some time when I would like to limit my smoking experience to less than 2 hours!) Meanwhile, I would highly recommend anyone interested in a loooong, flavorful, and enjoyable smoking experience at a reasonable price, should give these BCP exclusives a try in at least a 5 ct. and see if you agree!

We thank you for such a wonderful Cigar Review! We believe you should sample the 5 ct cigar pack as well! Please don’t forget to post your review as well!