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Tom Lazuka on Asylum Cigars (video)

Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum Cigar, introduces us to the many blends in the Asylum Cigar portfolio. From their best selling Asylum 13 to the new Insidious, Asylum Cigars is definitely one of the most interesting brands in the business.


Hi, I’m Tom Lazuka. I’m the co-founder of Asylum Cigars. I’m here today with to explain a little bit about Asylum Cigars and the different products that we have.

They carry a number of our products. Our number one selling cigar is Asylum 13. We do it from a Lancero up to the 80×7, 80×6 ring gauges. We also do the Asylum Premium, which was the number 16 cigar this year. We have the Schizo bundles here which we do, again, from a Robusto up to a 70×7. We have the Straight Jacket, which is a full-bodied Nicaraguan cigar. We have the Asylum Corojo, which we do out of Honduras in four sizes, from a 50×5 up to an 80×6.

I’m also here promoting the Asylum Insidious, which is our newest cigar. It’s an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with Honduran binders and fillers. It also has a mild sweet cap on it, so it’s very pleasant on your palate, very easy to smoke, perfect for that beginning smoker.

We also have the Ogres, which are barber-pole cigars, the Candela with the dark Habano wrapper which is a nice medium-bodied cigar, very creamy. All of these are available to you at