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Torano Vault D042 – IPCPR 2013 (video)


Hi, I’m Bruce Lewis with Torano Family Cigar Company, and we’re here at the 2013 IPCPR in Las Vegas. I just want to tell you a few things that are happening in Torano’s, some of the new releases. We’ll start with our new Vault D-042.

The Torano family have actually been keeping a blend book since 1982. And that book has recorded every blend that the family has worked on since that time. Some of these blends were released as brands, but others were reported deemed they had potential, but never released. So instead of having to create a whole new blend, what we do is we go back to the blend book and we look at blends that look particularly interesting or exciting. We take those and make some minor changes, some small tweaks, and we arrive at where we want to be, and we released it.

So with the Vault D-042, this blend was actually recorded in the blend book in 2004. And the interesting thing about this blend is it has tobacco from Pennsylvania, very heavy Ligero tobacco from Pennsylvania. And it was actually in the late ’90s that the Torano’s were experimenting with this tobacco, and they incorporated it in this blend in 2004. It originally had a Sumatra Ecuador wrapper, we changed that to a Havana Ecuador wrapper. It has a Nicaraguan binder. Then as I said it has a heavy Ligero Pennsylvania filler together with a Ligero Estelí and Beso Jalapa which has got some nice sweetness to smooth it out.

This is a medium to full-bodied cigar. It’s something stronger for the Torano brand, but it’s got some great sweetness, some great spicy notes. A lot of character, a lot of depth and complexity. We hope you like it, and you should check it out