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Torcedor is Back in and Better Than Ever!

We know how much you’ve missed Torcedor cigars since they went out of stock a few months ago. Well we’ve got some good news for you—Torcedor is back in stock, and more affordable than ever! Once available in boxes of 50, these smokes are now packaged in bundles of 20. These handmade, all-Nicaraguan beauties get their name from the hard-working individuals who hand roll your favorite stogies, and they’re now available in a chocolaty maduro wrapper as well as the classic natural.

We’re excited about having these budget greats back in our inventory, so we’re offering insanely-low introductory pricing. We’ve posted the new Torcedor bundles at a jaw-droppingly low $1.50 per stick, so there’s never been a better time than now to put some of these tasty, cheap sticks in your humidor. Don’t settle for a second-rate bundled cigar—stock up on Torcedor and learn how good a cheapie can be!