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Transmidity Humidity Bag

Director of Merchandising Jeff Brown introduces the ultimate humidified travel bag for cigar protection during transit – the Transmidity Bag

Transcript: Hey folks, Jeff Brown here, Merchandising Director Best Cigar Prices and I’m here today to talk to you about BOOM – the Transmidity Bag. Okay, look at this bad boy, it’s nice. It is sixteen by fourteen, it’s three mils thick, it’s a nice thick bag, most importantly, BOOM – ziplock. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Gee Jeff, why do I want to talk about this bag, what’s the features, what’s the benefits?” Well, first of all it’s three dollars and ninety nine cents. You want to talk about something’s gonna protect your investment, you’ve just spent some good money on cigars, for a mere three dollars and ninety nine cents your cigars are going to arrive safe, sound, and fresh.

“Transmidity” means “humidity while in transit.” Each bag comes with its own cigar Swami Water Pillow. BOOM. We put that in there, we take your cigars, we put them in, we gather this up, we zip it closed, we ship them to you. Do you live in a dry area, Arizona, Las Vegas, something like that? BOOM. Your cigars are gonna show up ready to smoke. You don’t have to rest them, put them in the humidor, they’re ready to go with this simple bag right here. Like I said, a mere three dollars and 99 cents. Then you want know what else is great about it? It’s reusable, okay, once your cigars show up, BOOM – put some single sticks in there, I’m telling you this thing will hold easily a hundred robustos without a problem. You put them in, you zip them up, put them in your suitcase, you put some clothes on top of it, BOOM – instant travel case. Let me give you what a sweet idea is, look at this, over here I got a box, a huge box, 50 cigars okay, this is not a normal sized cigar box. Obviously right into the Transmidity bag and look at that room to spare, you probably get another couple five packs in there. And then when you get it home like this, say you take it out, put your single sticks in here, zip it up, put another box in there, whatever okay. Let me tell you one of the best-selling items at Best Cigar Prices, tens of thousands of these went out last year, I’m telling you great investment for a mere three dollars and 99 cents you’ll be happy you did.

Invest in your cigars’ freshness and add a Transmidity Bag to your next cigar order here.

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