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Travel Humidors – A Cheap and Stylish Summer Accessory

Craftsman's Bench Scout travel humidor.

Summer is right around the corner — a time to get up, get out and get moving. As you’re traveling about, you’ll notice your cigars rapidly deteriorating if you don’t have the right case to carry them in.

Many of us make do with the plastic bag the guy at our B&M put our cigars in when we bought them. Others carry around a whole cigar box, a tupperware container or some ingenious MacGuyver do-it-yourself humidor.

We’re not gonna knock you for making do with what you have. After the cost of the cigars, the cutter, the lighter, the butane, the at-home humidor — not to mention the tobacco tax — you’re barely left with enough money to put gas in the car.

Here’s where we can help. We’re not just a cigar blog, we also sell cigars and cigar accessories. Now, before you think we’re going to get all sales-y on you, we want to point out that equipment is a big part of cigar smoking. It’s true that all you need is a match to enjoy a cigar, but somehow having the right equipment enhances the luxury and decadence of the smoking experience.

Travel humidors are as much about practicality as they are about style. They’re pretty inexpensive, so if the travel case saves just a few cigars from dying it has already paid for itself. Cigars, however, can be quite valuable, and it’s just common sense to protect your investment.

We’ll admit that one of the big attractions of a travel humidor is the undeniable stylishness. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of our favorite travel solutions based on your style. We hope it helps you keep your sticks smokable and your wrappers intact.

The Outdoorsman
Our most popular models for the fisher, hunter or camper are these “Shotshell” units. Avaiable as an 8-cigar travel humidor or single-cigar travel case, these are simply badass recreations of shotgun shells in either black, forest green or red. We’ve also made them available pre-packed with eight long-smoking cigars. If you need full camo, try the Craftman’s Bench Kodiak on for size.

The Executive
If you need to look pro, there’s the Craftsman’s Bench Scout, a lightweight alminum-plated humidor that holds plenty of cigars inside a custom-molded foam interior. We also have a selection of small leather cases that hold one, two or three cigars at a time.

The Recreationist
For those who smoke on the golf course, we have the charming Orleans Golf Bag, which will look instantly familiar to anyone with a putter. If you just want an all-puprose travel humidor at a decent price, you can’t go wrong with the X-Treme, available in 5-count, 10-count, 15-count at next-to-nothing prices.

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