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Trick or Treat! Sampler Sale

I’ve got lots of treats for you today, but no tricks up my sleeve. In another week or so, all the kids will be roaming from house to house, getting themselves a wide variety of all different kinds of sweet treats. Why should you miss out on the fun? With our Sampler Sale, you too can end up with a serious haul of treats that provide you with a wide variety of flavors. And the best part is I won’t even make you put on a costume in order to hand out these goodies. We’re discounting some of our most popular sampler pack offerings, each designed to give you a chance to sample some high quality smokes and save at the same time. So wander around, pick out what looks the sweetest to you. No matter what you choose, I’m confident you won’t egg our website after this sale because you’ll be so happy with what you hauled in.