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Unbeatable value with Reserva de Inexpensivo – $1.25/stick

Good people of the cigar-smoking Internet, today’s deal is so good we wish there was some way to insert the cigars into our computer and have them come out of your monitor so you could try them yourself.

The Reserva de Inexpensivo is back again, a bundle of tobacco joy that’s always in demand with our customers. Now that we’re in the peak of lawn mowing season, we thought we’d remind you of the incredible savings to be had with this go-to yard ‘gar. At a scrawny $1.25 per stick you can enjoy a nice blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos with a premium Connecticut shade wrapper. Well made, this one draws nicely, providing a smooth smoke with just a hint of spice. They pair well with alcohol, soft drinks, and the global recession.

Let’s face it, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and the Reserva de Inexpensivo isn’t pretending to be something it’s not. It’s premium enough that other retailers would make this stick available at twice the price, but since it’s made exclusively for us, you get a deal and a half. Pick a bundle up today, get out in the yard and kick some grass.