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Quick Victorino Cigars Review

victorino cigars

Victorino Cigars were originally exclusively made for the European market with a very high dollar figure appended to it due to it’s quality.

These handmade Dominicans  are one of the most sought-after cigars in Europe, fetching $700 to $800 USD a box in some shops.

During a recent cigar excursion to the Dominican Republic we uncovered a large cache of Victorino Cigars and were able to negotiate a deal to bring them to the U.S. at a reasonable price. Normally you can’t find these cigars within the United States making them highly unique within the country.

We tested these cigars to a great extent, they are classically mild with smooth, creamy, woody and nutty flavor. It’s a highly complex Cigar, you’ll find difficulty describing the cigar other than “Excellent” and “complex” because of the differing flavors mixed into a single cigar.

Victorino cigars bring high-end Dominican taste ala Macanudo, along with a dependable clean burn and draw. Those who love a delightfully mild smoke will find Victorino cigars to be a pleasant surprise, especially at our deeply discounted prices.

We have to say that out of our inventory these cigars are one of the more exclusive, especially in the United States.

Try Victorino Cigars out and give us some feedback!