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Weekend Round-up: Montecristo NY, Disney, Cueto’s Quest and the Captain’s Cabinet

Alright smoke-fans, it’s time for another exciting edition of our Weekend News Round-up! It wasn’t exactly the most eventful news week in the world of cigars, but I did manage to dig up a few noteworthy stories while scouring the web over the past few days, so let’s get started, shall we?

First off, this week marked the debut of Montecristo’s new regional release, the NY Connoisseur edition. Following in the footsteps of Alec Bradley and La Aurora, their new line will be available only to New York State retailers. The cigar, which was conceived in part by Tabacalera de Garcia’s own José Seijas,  is on shelves now and has been described as a ”melting pot” blend composed of Dominican filler, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf. While the Monte N.Y. is a regional release, Janelle Rosenfeld, VP of marketing and communications for Altadis, says it will not be limited to a finite number of boxes, so at least for now, the blend is here to stay. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll be able to get our hands on a few boxes somewhere down the road.

"FillUp MyCan"

In other news, an original drawing by Walt Disney dating all the way back to 1920 will go up for auction in Reno, Nevada this week. The rare cartoon once owned by Disney’s sister, Ruth Disney, depicts a man chomping on (you guessed it) a big fat cigar and sporting a derby hat (hmm..sound familiar?). The piece, titled “FillUp MyCan”, is hand-signed by Disney, and is believed to pre-date his most famous creation, Mickey Mouse. Other early drawings by the cartoonist have fetched up to $50,000, so it will be interesting to see how much this one will sell for. I’m sure it’ll end up hanging on the wall of someone’s fancy smoking den, and will probably look pretty sweet there. If I had a spare 50 grand, I wouldn’t mind snagging it for my man-cave.

You may remember Cuban cigar-roller Jose Castelar Cairo, a.k.a. “Cueto”, from a couple of Will’s previous posts, he’s the guy who broke his own Guinness World record for longest cigar ever rolled back in May, by rolling a cigar that measured up to 81.08 meters. Guinness finally presented him with a certificate at a ceremony in Havana this week making it official, the 67 year old torcedore is now a five-time Guinness Book Record holder. Hats off to Cueto for his latest achievement, which he assures us will not be his last. According to the spunky old-timer, “Guinness of the largest habano in the planet should always belong to Cuba.” We agree with Cueto’s sentiment, and would also add that “Anyone who rolls a cigar the size of a football field is awesome”.


Lastly, a vintage humidor that once belonged to Captain Edward John Smith of the ill-fated RMS Titanic was discovered in the U.K.  The walnut humidor was found gathering dust on a bedroom cabinet in Liverpool  by auctioneer John Crane during an antique  appraisal in the Merseyside home of Hilary Mee. Mrs. Mee had been in possession of the relic for 20 years with no idea of its historical significance, even though it bears the distinctive emblem of the White Star Line shipping company and is engraved with the initials of the master of the passenger liner, Edward John Smith, who was from Stoke-on-Trent.

The Captain's Cabinet

Apparently the box had been in her family for several generations. The historic humidor found a new home when it sold for a whopping £25,000 at a local auction.

So, that about wraps it up for this weeks stogie news. Feel free to post a comment and while you’re at it, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest Cigar news, updates, and reviews.