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Weekend Roundup – What We Missed

There wasn’t anything particularly newsworthy in my feed this morning, and it was way too cold and windy to smoke anything for review. I figure it’s been a while since we’ve put together a roundup, so here goes.

Cigar Aficionado just announced the dates of the 2011 Big Smoke, which will take place over a weekend in Las Vegas and then a single night in New York (way to jip us, guys). For anybody who doesn’t know, the Big Smoke is a huge event hosted by Cigar Aficionado that features tons of cigar makers who hand cigars out to thousands of cigar enthusiasts. Cigars, booze, and swag abound—James Suckling describes it as “more than 6,000 people, mostly dudes, invading Vegas and smoking and partying for one unforgettable weekend.” This is definitely something I’d like to attend at least once in my life.  Tickets go on sale April 15; the Las Vegas weekend will take place from October 28-30 and will be held at the Venetian Hotel & Casino; Big Smoke New York will take place on November 30 at the Pier 92 events center in Manhattan.

In sports news, Cigar Guy may have found a worthy replacement. Alright, maybe not, but he’s still pretty ridiculous. This guy was seen at the Bulls-Heat game in Miami on Sunday—as you can see, he’s yelling something and wearing some kind of gigantic gold bracelet, camo shorts, and what looks like UGG boots. Enjoy the photo and hope the dude doesn’t get embarrassed enough by the publicity to hang up those boots for good. On second thought, it looks like he has nothing to be embarrassed of—look where he’s sitting.

Not too long ago, a guy in the Upper East Side of Manhattan was sued by his neighbors for smoking cigars in his apartment, despite the fact that he uses three air scrubbers and hired a professional to seal his apartment off from his neighbors’. At the end of February, it was ruled that he had to pay $2000 to his neighbors every time they smelled smoke coming from his apartment. Additionally, if he fails to pay up the $2,000 within 15 days, he owes an additional $1,500. If I were him, I would constantly cook the most noxious foods imaginable—camembert cheese, fresh habañero peppers, and canned octopus, to name a few—and reek up that entire building so badly that his neighbors wish he’d light up a cigar. This settlement (if you can call it that) happened a couple of weeks ago, but hey, it’s still relevant.

In other news, Rango came out this weekend and blew up the box office, grossing a hefty $38 million. Whiny anti-smoking groups, however, are attacking the film because several of the characters smoke cigarettes. While the main character doesn’t smoke, he does swallow a cigar, which then allows him to belch fire at his foes. Rango is rated PG, though the groups would like to see the film, along with all others that feature any tobacco use, slapped with an R rating. I’m not going to go into the endless list of great films in which characters smoke some form of tobacco, but I will say that I hope the producers of the movie take all of this whining in stride and stick to their guns on their creative choices. For the record, we don’t recommend swallowing a cigar, especially if it’s lit.

That’s all for the weekend roundup—if anybody thinks I left anything out, feel free to post it in a comment below.

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