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What is the Cigar Etiquette when it comes to handing out cigars?

Stargate Atlantis - Enjoying a victory with a cigar
Stargate Atlantis – Enjoying a victory with a cigar

This is an age old debate. What is the established Cigar Etiquette when handing out cigars to your friends, family and coworkers? Do you give them high quality hand made cigars or do you give them the lower cost cigars? What is the established Cigar Etiquette surrounding this as it’s a very common event and people typically don’t know exactly what to do.

The first step would be to actually assess the situation. Is this a celebration where you are passing out cigars due to a major win? Are you celebrating a positive life changing event? Are your friends all over just hanging out watching a game on TV?

The Etiquette changes dramatically between these types of situations. If you are having a cigar to celebrate then by all means go all out. The reason behind the choosing of what type of cigar is more in line with the situation involved. If you have a huge win at the company, then the type of cigar you choose to give to your coworkers is directly proportional to the win and the scope of the celebration. Passing out High Quality Gurkha Cigars in that situation is merited. In this case you are celebrating a big victory, and a big victory means the best quality of everything (especially cigars!).

If your friends are just hanging out at your home and there really isn’t a major celebration going on, then cost becomes an issue. We would suggest a high quality cigar that carries a lower price tag, perhaps La Flor Dominicana Cigar Seconds. Cigar Seconds typically are brand name cigars that have reduced cost due to a minor cosmetic imperfection such as the color of the wrapper being a slight shade off.

These types of cigars are typically perfect for handing out to friends for fun. They would have 99.999% of the taste and experience of a brand name cigar (since they literally are brand name cigars) but at a fraction of the cost.

They are enjoyable for any occasion.

To celebrate a birth of a boy or girl, then you typically follow the protocol for a big business win. It’s a high quality top of the line cigar that you would want to give to your friends. Wants and reality in many of these cases come down to budget. An expecting young family typically doesn’t have large amounts of disposable income. A great affordable purchase choice for a first run cigar, not a cigar second, but rather a exclusive brand would be Eterno by Perdomo . In this case you are handing out first class cigars but at a discounted price. These typically carry the best value, they are not as inexpensive as cigar seconds but are no where as near expensive as Gurkha. They are typically made by brand name manufacturers, in this case they are made by Perdomo the same company that makes many popular brand name cigars.