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What to do with your mountain of empty cigar boxes…

We actually have an updated version empty cigar boxes!   With many cool ideas.

Every cigar aficionado has come across this age old problem…what to do with your empty cigar boxes? Too beautiful toCigar Box trash, yet you just smoke too many cigars to keep all the boxes. If you are a serious cigar smoker, you have most likely accumulated your fair share of cigar boxes over the years. Here are a few suggestions to putting those cigar boxes to good use:

  1. Now is the time to start that band you have always dreamed of. Cigar boxes can easily be turned into awesome cigar box guitars. Find out how, here.
  2. Use them to spruce up the house. Cigar boxes look great installed as crown molding in your home. Your wife will approve, we promise.
  3. Did your wife say she wanted a Louis Vuitton for her birthday? I think she meant to say a Leon Jimenes. Install a handle on that cigar box and you’ve got yourself one unique cigar box purse that she is sure to love!
  4. Cigar boxes make great art installations for the man cave. No need to purchase pricey paintings when you’ve got all the beautifully crafted artwork you will ever need sitting in a pile in your house! Plus, every time you see those cigar boxes hanging on your wall, you will remember the wonderful memories you made smoking those fine cigars. Win, win.
  5. Display them proudly on your mantelpiece. Sure some people have trophies and awards, but here at Best Cigar Prices, we like to think of every empty cigar box as an achievement worth recognition. So go ahead, and put those empty cigar boxes right under the family portrait. (You may need to consider getting a trophy cabinet.)

So what are you planning to do with your ever-growing pile of empty cigar boxes?

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