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What’s Your Preferred Method of Humidification for your Cigar Humidor and Why?

It keeps my Cigars Humidified
It keeps my Cigars Humidified

What type of humidification do you prefer to use in your humidor?

There are a number of ways to keep your Humidor nice and cozy for your cigars. Distilled Water, Water Pillow, Cigar Swami, Boveda Humidipak. The list goes on forever.

Cigar Humidors do need some sort of method of keeping the humidity levels within acceptable parameters, this requires a humidification system and boy are there humidification systems out there. Much goes into the thought process on how to properly keep the humidor at the right humidification levels. There are a few factors here to consider such as where you live. A person living in Southern California most likely would need a different solution than one living in Pennsylvania as in one location you’re running the heat for large parts of the year, and the other is running the air conditioner for the same extended period of time.

Another factor other than pure temperature and overall local weather is the type of humidor you have. A small personal desktop humidor would most likely not use the same solution that a large humidor with hundreds of cigars would. The desktop model typically needs a far less robust system than the large humidor.

The question is: what method works for you and why does it?