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Will’s Top 5 Mild Cigars

Good strong cigars are a dime a dozen nowadays (not literally… if only). Everybody’s been jumping on the ligero-crazy bandwagon, and it seems like fewer and fewer companies have been putting out mellow, easygoing, breakfast smokes. Since my beginnings as a full-bodied purist, I’ve opened up to milder stogies, and I think I’m at the point where I can put together a list of the best ones I’ve tried. So with that, here’s my list of the Top 5 Mild Cigars, in no particular order:

now that's a nub...

Ted’s Made by Hand Toro Connecticut
I reviewed this one a couple months ago and I was shocked at how mellow this cigar was. I’d had a couple of Ted’s infused cigars, namely Maker’s Mark and Hopz, and while those aren’t powerhouses by any means, they each had a little bit of kick to them. But the Ted’s Made by Hand Toro Connecticut is probably the mildest cigar I’ve ever had. It was one of the only cigars I’ve ever smoked that was just as easygoing with less than an inch left as it was when I lit up. If you’re looking for something that you could even smoke before breakfast, this should be your go-to smoke.

Macanudo Gold Label Brick
This was the first Macanudo I ever smoked, and by that token, it was probably only the third or fourth mild-bodied cigar I’d ever had. By mild-bodied, I mean that this thing is so buttery that you’d swear you could spread it on toast. The Macanudo Gold Label Brick not only had perfect construction, ensuring a remarkably-even burn (especially considering its hefty 60-ring gauge), but it was also one of the cleanest-tasting cigars I’d ever had. There was absolutely no harsh or bitter aftertaste, and I was able to retrohale gigantic mouthfuls of smoke without so much as sniffling. This is about as mild as you can get.

Kensington Connecticut Reserve Churchill by Alec Bradley
I know it seems contrived to talk up one of our exclusives, but the Kensington Connecticut Reserve belongs on this list without a doubt. Since our first batch, the Connecticut-wrapped Kensingtons have rivaled any other mild cigar I’d ever had. The flavors are creamy and sweet and the construction is very consistent from stick to stick. After smoking probably around 10 or so of these in the last few months, I can still confidently say I’ve never had to touch one of them up after lighting. And considering they start at $3.40 a stick, you’d be hard-pressed to find better value for a mild cigar.

La Mezcla Cubana Triangulare
I just reviewed this one, so it’s fairly fresh in my mind as one of the best mild-bodied cigars I’ve ever had. It’s billed on our website as medium-bodied, and on the Cigar Agency website as medium-to-full-bodied, but in my book, La Mezcla Cubana is a mild-bodied cigar. From start to finish, the flavors lingered on butter and cream with a little bit of zesty cedar, and I only had to touch up the cigar once (due to a crack in the wrapper, which was actually my own fault). It’s not as extravagantly-packaged as most of Cigar Agency’s other blends, but this thing definitely ranks up there as one of the smoothest cigars I’ve ever smoked.

CAO Gold Robusto Maduro
There’s no way I could put a top 5 list together without including at least one maduro-wrapped cigar. The CAO Gold Maduro is not your typical darker-wrapped stogie. This thing is probably the mellowest maduro I’ve ever had, with flavors of milk chocolate, leather, cream, and a little bit of black pepper from the Brazilian wrapper leaf. Retrohale this one all you want—as long as you take it slowly, the smoke will be sweet-as-can-be on the sinuses. This is actually one of my go-to hangover smokes, when I want something sweet, flavorful, and easy that won’t beat my head in with a big nicotine buzz.

And there you have it—if you think I’ve left anything off the list, or if you have any recommendations for me, feel free to leave a comment.