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Win a Signed Aging Room Cigar Mold Sweepstakes!


Best Cigar Prices is running a new contest that includes a autographed Aging Room cigar mold by Rafael Nodal and others that created the amazing cigar line.

The Prize Package Includes the following:


  • 5-pack of the highest rated US-legal cigar, the Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto
  • 5-pack of BestCigarPrices exclusive Six Zero Robolo by Boutique Blends
  • A one-of-a-kind piece of cigar memorabilia: an actual Aging Room cigars cigar mold used in the making of Aging Room and Swag cigars.


Four Winners will be selected on Feb 20, 2014.

This contest is a pretty exclusive one, As you might have known Aging Room is the #1 cigar you can legally purchase in the United States and to physically own the molds from what that brand is created from would something that most cigar lovers would envy. To enter the contest sign up here!