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Winners of our Boutique Blends Sweepstakes Announced!

5lbs each!  Very Heavy!
5lbs each! Very Heavy!

We have the winners for our Boutique Blends Signature Sweepstakes: Congratulations to Lori G, Philip H, Michael R, and Victor G!

They won an Aging Room and Swag cigar mold! Literally the ones that were used to create the #1 rated cigar available in the US.

These cigar molds are extremely heavy for their size, weighing in at 5lbs each. If you never saw one before, the above is an image of what they look like ( the mold pictured is one we just sent out). They have a slot 10 single cigars in each mold. They also have a 3 pronged press-lock to snap it into place.

Most of the molds still have tiny bits of tobacco in them from their time at the factory. They are also well used and you can literally see the wear and tear on the woodwork from creating the cigars.

They are signed by Rafael Nodal and the team at boutique blends. This is a pretty amazing contest as the winners in this case actually got a piece of cigar history, along with sampler packs of the #1 rated Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto and our exclusive Boutique Blends Six Zero cigars.

The contest ran on Facebook for about a month and though a ton of people signed up, only 4 were awarded the prize. “Like” us on Facebook to take advantage of our monthly sweepstakes, the next one begins in just a couple days.