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World’s Largest Cigar Moves to Florida to Protest Smoking Ban

A B&M cigar lounge in Orange County, Florida is the new temporary home of the world’s largest cigar, the Gran Habano #5 Corojo El Gigante. After debuting at the IPCPR, the humongous cigar was loaded into a tractor trailer and driven east into Florida. It was then put on display at the popular cigar shop to protest a draconian smoking ban enforced in its county.

The borderline fascist and probably illegal smoking ban ruffled many a cigar smoker’s feathers when it was signed in secret by Orange County’s mayor Richard Crotty in January of this year. Lo and behold, the mayor received a $6.6M U.S. Department of Health grant a few months later for the express purpose of banning smoking in the workplace. The ordinance goes farther than any before it to essentially make the personal choice of whether or not to smoke illegal. It forces county employees to sign ‘Tobacco Affadavits’ swearing to abstain from tobacco use under penalty of fine. Any smoking anywhere on county property — even outdoors walking down the sidewalk — is illegal as well.

According to their press release, store owner Jeff Borysiewicz arranged to have the massive cigar transported to his store to draw attention to the horrendous invasion of personal rights Crotty’s ban entails. It makes sense to bring in the big guns in a fight that has already spread across the country as mayors hop on the Nanny State bandwagon with regards to smoking bans.

As always we encourage you to team up with the Cigar Rights of America to fight for your freedom to smoke. Many non-smokers don’t realize that smoking bans are an important front on the attack on all of our personal liberties by county, state and federal governments.