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CAO Margaritaville Cigars

CAO Margaritaville cigars are seasoned with a distinct Pina Colada flavor infusion to bring you a relaxing taste of the tropics in every puff. This Cameroon-wrapped blend of Dominican tobaccos kissed with the sweet essence of Jimmy Buffet’s favorite adult beverage is your ticket to smooth and mild, relaxing flavor. With CAO Margaritaville cigars, paradise is just a light away.

For a more traditional taste of paradise, CAO Margaritaville Havana Daydreamin' cigars bring you sunny, spicy-sweet essence in every handmade stick. Sporting a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf over rich Nicaraguan long-fillers, these mild to medium-bodied smokes are beaming with warm, bright flavors of roasted nuts, toast, caramel and sweet spice. If there was ever a cigar designed to be enjoyed while lounging in a hammock, the CAO Havana Daydreamin’ is it.

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CAO Margaritaville / CAO Margaritaville Cigars