CHC Serie E

From the maestros at Crowned Heads, the CHC Serie E cigar line was blended to rock your palate with refined rich taste. Inspired by the late Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar solo on "Eruption", the Serie E is equal parts technical mastery and natural harmony, resulting in a symphonic smoke for the senses. “I listened to that solo and saw it as a sonic metaphor for smoking this cigar,” says co-founder of Crowned Heads John Huber. “From the drum and bass intro, which I saw as the cutting-lighting-prep of the cigar, to the mixing of triads and harmonics which I compared to the complexity of the flavor profile, to the bottoming-out dive bombs that were reminiscent of the finish of the cigar, it al paralleled seamlessly." These highly-anticipated sticks will go quick - grab yours now and prepare for delicious smoky harmony that hits all the right notes.


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