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Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters | Best Cigar Prices - Premium Cigars for Less

Cigar cutters are an essential accessory for any cigar aficionado. They are used to remove the cap of a cigar before smoking it. Biting a cigar, or otherwise cutting it improperly, will cause the wrapper to unravel, and could even damage the binder and filler tobacco inside. Instead, use a cigar cutter.

There are three basic types of cuts, the straight cut, the wedge (or V) cut, and the hole punch. The type of cut to make is based on personal preference and the size and/or shape of the cigar.
Check out our featured cigar cutters below, or search our whole selection for cigar punches and cutters in nearly every color, shape and size. Be sure to search the rest of our site for all the best cigar accessories, including cigar lighters, humidors, and more

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