Acid Blondie 1 Cigar
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Acid Blondie

From: Acid Blue Item #: 13272
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About This Cigar
Count 1 Cigar
Length 4 Inches
Diameter 38 Ring
Flavor Other
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Stick
Shape Regular
Strength Mild-medium Bodied
Wrapper Connecticut
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Acid Blondie is quite possibly the perfect Acid cigar. Its manageable size and pleasing herbal aroma are inviting to the novice smoker, but also provide a fantastic quick flavor fix for even the most experienced cigar aficionado.

A best-seller in the Acid Blue line, the Connecticut-wrapped Acid Blondie 4x38 cigar presents a completely unique and aromatic tasting profile. Its secret infusion process gives way to notes of herbs, cream, and honey with citrus undertones.

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(100 Reviews)

Acid Blondie

A nice mild cigar. I had one with a larger ring size, I believe a 52. The 52 was more flavorful then this 38 ring size, but still a good smoke.

By Mark on May 23, 2014


I love these for a quick smoke

By Donald on May 23, 2014


Fresh and mild. fresher than I can purchase from local cigar stores. Very pleased, as usual!

By Joseph on Aug 12, 2014

Great smoke

Very good smoke, smooth great for any occasion, whether beginner or experienced smoker always a favorite

By Elio on Aug 12, 2014

Sweet & Short

Very aromatic and a nice change-up cigar

By Rahim on Aug 12, 2014

Great Smoke

This is an enjoyable cigar. It's aroma is so good my wife encourages e to smoke them.

By Dale on Nov 16, 2013

Tom Petruska

Even my DOCTOR thinks the Blondies are great.

By Thomas on Nov 13, 2013

Cigar lover

Nothing new here. As always BCP has the best prices, prompt shipping. Not to mention their professional sales staff.

By Jerry on Nov 13, 2013

Acid Blondie's

They're very mild and a touch sweet. Great for when you just want something light and don't have time for a bigger cigar.

By Salvatore on Oct 23, 2014


Fresh out of box and super fast shipment

By SHAWN on Sep 13, 2015


great taste good smooth smoke

By Terry on Mar 13, 2015

love that cigar

a goooood smooooooth sweet tasting stick. last just long enough.

By Tim on Mar 14, 2015

Acid Blondie


By Brad on Dec 24, 2014

Acid Blondie

One of my husband's favorites. He likes the box they come in and the price is always comparable, if not less that other companies; including local stores. I can't speak to the actual cigar itself since I'm not the one who smokes them.

By Connie on Dec 23, 2014

my acid hits my party.

Great out come in my party. They all had great comments on these cigars. I been smoking them for 10 years and the prices here are unbeatable. I will recommend at his to all my friends.

By Edwin on Mar 12, 2015


Packaging kept product fresh and easy to get out. Very happy with flavor

By Holly on Dec 22, 2014

Acid Blondie Cigars

These Acid Blondie cigars are an excellent choice to relax with. The taste is exceptional. These are short cigars constructed in the highest level, appearance burn ability excellent.

By Paulette on Apr 2, 2015

Acid Blondies

They are very mellow and mild cigars. A little sweet on the palette.

By Salvatore on Apr 2, 2015

great deal

great cigar, perfect size

By dan on Apr 16, 2015

Tom Petruska

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10.

By Thomas on Apr 23, 2015

Acid Blondie's

These cigars are very smooth and slightly sweet tasting. Most people who pass me when I am smoking always stop and ask what am I smoking because it smells so good.

By Salvatore on May 7, 2015

Acid Cigars

Without question my favorite cigars.

By Kenneth on May 6, 2015

acid blondies

This is the cigar I smoke when I am not smoking cigars. A nice sweet herbal taste with lots of smoke.

By Warren on May 15, 2015

acid blondie 2 fer

Great cigars, they are always fresh when they arrive. speedy delivery. very good buy

By tommy on Jun 26, 2015

Acid Blondie

Best little cigars for the money.

By Joseph on May 21, 2015


very impressed with the blondie two box deal, very nice burn lasts long enough not to get boring, great price. I always keep sampler packs on hand to change it up

By douglas on Jun 13, 2015

Acid Blondie's

These are very smooth and slightly sweet smoking cigars. When people smell them, they always ask what I'm smoking.

By Salvatore on Jun 11, 2015

Great Deal

these are great flavor and 17 to 21 minute smoke-

By Pedro on Jun 18, 2015

Well worth it

Worth a try

By Carlos on Jun 19, 2015

My weety

Enjoyed with my cafe.

By Ken on Jun 29, 2015

A Unique Flavor Vs All Other Cigars I've Enjoyed

I've enjoyed quite a range of cigars from real Cuban Monte Cristos and many others. I like the Acid Blondie due to the flavor, a blend of sweet and spicy. Moreoever, they are well constructed and burn/draw perfectly every time. You can smoke the entire cigar with it becoming hot. I love the size, because it doesn't take an hour to smoke. If I want more, I just fire up another one.

By Tom on Jul 2, 2015


could have a little more tobacco in the cigar. But they are a great short smoke cigar!

By LARRY on Jul 2, 2015

Acid Blondie

My husband is a cigar newbie and loves the acid blondie. The taste and smell is great, does really have the best prices

By Susan on Jul 30, 2015

Acid Blondie's

This is a very aromatic cigar, easy burning and smoking.

By Salvatore on Jul 16, 2015

Flavored - great perfume like aroma

Love Drew Estates, especially the Acid Blonde. A smaller Cigar, perfectly strong and unique for daily relaxation. Good choice for those who enjoy a flavored smoke that isn't too sweet.

By Colette on Aug 1, 2015

Great Little Smoke

Great smooth, satisfying cigar when you have just a short while to enjoy. Well made and a pleasant taste.

By Stephen on Jul 16, 2015

Try it, you'll like it

I'm a fan of Acid's, so it should come as no surprise that this is a positive review. The Blondie is a perfect 'quick' smoke, same great flavors as their One. Definitely keep these stocked in the humidor at all times.

By Jim on Aug 27, 2015


These are mild and slightly sweet and aromatic cigars

By Salvatore on Aug 20, 2015


Good smoke

By scott on Aug 20, 2015


my favorite, great cigar. perfect size

By dan on Sep 21, 2015

Acid Blondies

Cigars are mild, aromatic and have an easy draw.

By Salvatore on Sep 29, 2015

Great 20 min cigar

My smokes minis and this little joy allows me to spend time with her enjoying a smoke great price - my friends that also enjoy a smoke like the taste of this cigar no bitterness-

By Pedro on Sep 17, 2015

Great cigar

Very nice

By Danny on Oct 8, 2015


Great cigars, great service, at good low prices! What more can you ask for. I continue to use Best Cigar for my monthly purchase. Thanks for the great customer service too!

By Kenneth on Oct 29, 2015

Great cigar

True quality

By Danny on Nov 12, 2015


Gave a couple cigars to a friend, he loved the blondie. good smoke for the money.

By douglas on Mar 25, 2016

worth it

Being more of a traditionalist, I did not immediately line up to try the flavor-infused cigars. Acid's Blondie has helped change my perspective. Just the right amount of sweet flavor paired with your morning cup of Joe. Hints of spice and toasted nuts expected from a traditional cigar. Draws and burns evenly, and size is just right if you have time for more than a pequeno, but don't want the commitment required of a larger stick. Pigtail allows for a clean tip just in case you are without a tool.

By David on Aug 13, 2014


Great taste packed in small cigar

By Michelle on Aug 12, 2014

Acid blonde

Just the right size for after a meeting

By Theodore on Aug 12, 2014


I'm a fan of this product for over 9 years now. The 2FER deal is a great buy.

By Beverly on Aug 14, 2014


The Blondie is my favorite cigar and the 2 box deal is the best I have found

By Gary on Aug 12, 2014

2 Box Deal

I love buying quality cigars and your 2 box deal was a great opportunity to save some hard earned dollars.

thank you

By Barry on Sep 16, 2014

Great Cigar

I tried the smaller ones because they are the perfect size to enjoy when you don't have a lot of time. My wife even like the aroma of this cigar and enjoys sitting on the porch when I smoke one.

By Brian on Aug 12, 2014

Great Little Cigar!

Great taste, good construction, great price with the twofer.
I don't generally like flavored cigars - but this is my only exception since it is very subtly done.
Mild with a good flavor.

By Stephen on Sep 16, 2014


Perfection, in a small size. We really enjoy this cigar. From time to time, my wife will even smoke a Blondie. Just the right size.

By Sandra on Sep 25, 2014

Quality and service review

I've been dealing with Best Cigar Prices for over a year and must say, they are fast and dependable. Absolutely the best cigar prices on the web. The cigars are always fresh and well packaged. The sale price for two boxes of the Acid Blondie was irresistible.

By George on Sep 5, 2014

Perfect quick smoke

Great flavor in a short smoke....

all the ACID flavor! Really enjoyable cigar!

Light one up on the 17th hole!

By John on Sep 5, 2014

Great smoke!

Lots of flavor from a little guy. One of my new favorites. Good draw with plenty of creamy smoke.

By chuck on Sep 4, 2014

Smoothest Taste

Relatively new to smoking cigars. Have shopped around quite a bit. My shopping ended when I discovered Acid Blondies. Fresh upon arrival. Sweet and mild. I would highly recommend.

By gwendolyn on Sep 9, 2014


this is a five star cigar, perfect length for short break

By dan on Oct 11, 2014


One of My Most Favorites! Pleasing flavor, not your average smoke, once tried will be in your top 10 also!

By William on Oct 27, 2014

Acid blonde

best cigar ever made I won't smoke nothing else.

By ROBERT on Oct 20, 2014

one & only

The best & only cigar i smoke.

By William on Nov 23, 2012

good cigar

I bought one in a tobacco shop, and loved it. Went back the next day and got two. Then I bought a box. Great flavor, mild tobacco.

By William on Jan 18, 2013

Solid Smoke

A great smoke for those who aren't completely in love with the natural taste of tobacco. The fruity aroma is enough to entice anyone to give this cigar a try. I'm glad I did.

By Matthew on Nov 21, 2012


I waited with great anticipation for the Blondies to arrive. After reading all of the reviews, it was hard resting them in the humidor for a week. Then, just last night, the wife and I lit them up. Oh, yes, they are beautiful, but the sweet head is over the much so that it overwhelmed the taste of the filler. We were so disappointed. It was a disturbing experience. I gave this stick 5 stars for appearance, construction and durability because it is fab in these areas. 3 stars for value because of the taste being "off." And only a single star for performance due to the yucky sweetness. Although a complex and interesting blend, I couldn't hang throughout the smoke.

By Jeff on Jun 1, 2015


By BETTY on Dec 10, 2016

By BETTY on Dec 10, 2016

By Marcello on Feb 7, 2017

By dawn on Mar 22, 2017

My favorite

For my tastes the best cigar out there

By Robert on Dec 20, 2016

By Bridget on Jan 5, 2017

Acid Blondie

Shot Cigar. Tasty flavor

By Theodore on Dec 22, 2016

By Phil on Dec 22, 2016

Awesome Cigars

I have ordered from BCP now for several years. Every time, I received my order within a couple of days and everything was perfect! Great customer service and the absolute BEST place to buy cigars!

By Mike on Dec 22, 2016

Acid Blondie 4 x 38—Box of 40

my go to cigar. great tast and perfect wintertime cigar.

By John on Dec 29, 2016

Good stuff!

These good REAL good with vodka on the rocks!

By Curt on Dec 30, 2016


A good relaxer and not much cost.

By D on Jan 20, 2017

Perfect for my wife.

Great for when she wants to join me for a smoke.

By Craig on Jan 26, 2017

Great cigar

Great cigar

By Angelos on Aug 6, 2015

Excellent 30 minute smoke

These are great for a quick smoke. A little sweet flavor all the way to the end. Really great cigars.

By Rodney on Aug 7, 2015

Acid Blondie

Dan S

By Daniel on Jan 25, 2017

My review

If you think these are too strong on flavor, take them out of the wrapper and put them back into your spanish cedar humidor. Mellows the botaical oil flavor a bit and you gain the cedar. Awesome smoke!

By Jeff on Feb 21, 2017

Blondie Review

By robert on Feb 21, 2017

By James on Feb 2, 2017

Good stuff

Acid products are always satisfying and always fresh.

By J on Feb 3, 2017

Great smoke

Love the flavor

By Jeff on Feb 21, 2017

By Lorri on Feb 23, 2017

Great cigar

Very smooth taste
Very consistent
BCP very fast shipping too

By Ray on Feb 13, 2017


These are by far my favorite cigars!

By William on Feb 14, 2017

Good for a gateway

Back when I was young and naive - that was about 3 months ago, I had an Acid Blondie and thought I hit the jackpot for cigars. Mild smoke, didn't take hours to finish, and a nice sweetness that felt light and happy. Well, with many more cigars burnt since then, I've moved on from the Blondie. It's still nice, but flavored cigars are treated like flavored coffee creamer in my house...use only in extreme circumstances. A nice smoke, but just not the kind I'm looking for anymore.

By Case on Feb 17, 2017

By Steve on Nov 29, 2016


Became one of my favorite selection

By Pedro on Nov 26, 2016

Tim's review - Acid Blondie

Product was received quickly, quality was good.

By Timothy on Mar 21, 2017

Light Daily Cigar

A good fragrance cigar, but not light and luxurious taste, sweet cigar, my daily cigar!

By DAEHEE on Dec 13, 2016

Acid Blondie

A regular in my collection

By Barry on Dec 13, 2016

By Kelly on Dec 6, 2016

My favorite

Great cigar...No questions

By Robert on Dec 20, 2016

By dawn on Mar 22, 2017

Great Smoke

Love the Acid Blondie. A fun, enjoyable smoke. I am blessed to work outdoors and this is like the icing on the cake. If you are looking for a cigar that doesn't take your head off but is very enjoyable, this is meant for you.

By James on Dec 8, 2012

Acid Blondie is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 100 customer ratings.

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