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Alec Bradley Star Insignia Robusto

From: Alec Bradley Star Insignia Item #: 25081
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Dark chocolate, crisp cedar, and bold spice come alive in Alec Bradley's Star Insignia.

Described by some as a darker and richer companion cigar to the 96-rated Prensado, the masterfully box-pressed Star Insignia balances a unique fusion of select Honduran and Nicaraguan leaves cloaked in a dark and supremely rich Jalapa Valley Habano leaf for a showstopper smoke that builds in complexity and intensity as you burn.

When an average cigar just won't cut it, reach for Star Insignia and call it a celebration.

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Great Smoke

This is my second box of these cigars and it again did not disappoint. Smooth for a med-full. I don't rate many things 5 stars but this was close.

By Scott on Nov 28, 2015

Awesome Smoke

Hands down, one of the greatest smokes I've had in a long while. Decent price point for what you get. KEEP COMING OUT WITH THESE GREAT HOUSE BRANDS!

By Matthew on May 7, 2013


This is one of my favorite cigars.

While I am just a new cigar smoker, this little box robusto does pack a ton of interesting flavor from start to finish. It provides an even burn throughout the whole cigar. A real treat for me and I get excited when I am able to order it again.

It is a more dark and rich smoke with enough to keep you interested during the whole smoke. It is not forgettable or a one-note-wonder.

I am a fan. Give it a shot!

By Christopher on May 7, 2013


Great products at a great price. Wonderful company to buy cigars from

By Mike on Dec 22, 2016

good cigar prefer 60 ring

By James on Jan 26, 2017


Great taste - burns unevenly

By Robert on Feb 21, 2017


My only problem was the uneven burn.

By Robert on Feb 21, 2017

Not a big fan of this one kept dying out

By Robert on Oct 17, 2017

Insignia Robusto

Okay smoke for the money.

By Rod on Dec 5, 2017

By Robert on Dec 21, 2017

Fair Smoke

Nice taste, not too harsh on the tongue. Pretty nice deal for a freebie.

By Richard on Mar 12, 2018


Great cigar. Wonderfully constructed, long burning. Good taste.

By Edward on Mar 29, 2018

AB Star Insignia Robusto


By Raymond on Apr 10, 2018

Very good

Surprisingly good smoke

By David on May 17, 2018

Great value

AB always delivers

By Robert on Jul 24, 2018

sweta gupta

very different taste

By Sweta on Jul 31, 2018

By Morrie on Oct 16, 2018

By Mark on Oct 30, 2018

they were ok

By Fred on Nov 14, 2018

By Mark on Dec 6, 2018

A very good cigar that does not satisfy my taste, as it is Mario which my son-in-law enjoys.I never had an appreciation for madoro.

By Bruce on Jan 1, 2019

Alec Bradley All Star

Full bodied, long lasting light!

By Wendy on Jan 3, 2019

Nice value

A good tasting cigar. Nice draw and smooth follow through. Pleasant surprise.

By Richard on Jan 17, 2019

solid med-full cigar

Solid cigar for med-full bodied cigar. had a great taste easy smoke and an even burn.

By Bill on Jan 25, 2019

Good cigar

Burns well, nice flavor. Lately I have been into the infused cigars but this one I still smoke.

By Patrick on May 14, 2019

By Kevin on Jun 18, 2019

One of Bradley's Best

I get aromas dark cocoa and spice. I smell some coffee, earth, fruit, leather, and cinnamon.
Flavors: raisin,leather with a touch of nuts; burnt almond. Almost marzipan because of all the sweetness occurring in this stick, cocoa, coffee, jalapeno, green pepper, and creaminess.
Perfect construction.
You're getting a $9 cigar for $6.

By Philip on Dec 4, 2013

Good smoke

The Alec Bradley Robusto was a very good smoke. Great draw and burned well.

By Jospeh on Jul 11, 2019

By Mario on Dec 1, 2016

Welcome surprise

Received a 5 pak as a bonus item and was absolutely amazed. Very good taste, burns perfectly. Price point a little high.

By Mario on Dec 1, 2016

Alec Bradley Star Insignia Robusto is rated 4.1 out of 5 based on 30 customer ratings.

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