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Tempus Robolo by Alec Bradley 1 Cigar
Tempus Robolo by Alec Bradley thumbnail image 1

Tempus Robolo by Alec Bradley

From: Alec Bradley Tempus Robolo Item #: 26611
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About This Cigar
Count 1 Cigar
Length 4 1/2 Inches
Diameter 60 Ring
Origin Honduras
Packaging Stick
Shape Regular
Strength Full Bodied
Wrapper Criollo
Tempus by Alec Bradley was born from over eight years of meticulous tobacco cultivation, patient aging, and tireless blend testing—to say the result was worth it is a vast understatement. Tempus features a dark, oily, toothy Criollo ’98 wrapper from Honduras, with some shapes sporting an even darker San Andres maduro wrapper from Mexico. The binder in both shades is a Honduran Criollo ’98, and the filler is a long-leaf blend from Honduras and Nicaragua.

When you light up a Tempus cigar, you’ll know immediately that you’re smoking something of the highest quality. Notes of coffee, black pepper, and earth swirl around a toasty, nutty base with just a hint of dark chocolate sweetness. Our exclusive Tempus Robolo® truly does the blend justice—this squat cigar features a massive 60 ring gauge, which provides a cool draw and huge plumes of flavorful smoke. Cigar Aficionado gave the Tempus a high 94-percent rating, praising its rich flavors as well as its flawless draw and burn. Pick up a box today and find out why!

Here's what others have to say about this item!

(14 Reviews)


very good

By steven on Mar 31, 2015

a wonderful departure

I was enticed by the great BP price and the Alec Bradley pedigree. I was not disappointed. The 60 ring gauge combined with Creole leaf yields complexity and full flavour from the first puff. The draw and burn reveal reliable, quality construction. I rarely stray from my favourite Oliva V or ABC Prensado. Glad I opted for this departure.

By Jason on May 25, 2015


Great cigar, packs in all of the flavors of the tempus into a "nub" style smoke.

By Charles on Sep 23, 2014

Hello Tempus Robolo

Tried a Tempus. Had a great draw, before I lit it up, had a smell of dark chocolate and almonds which was very pleasing. After lighting it hit me with some peppery kick which mellowed out to a nice nutty flavor. Be prepared to have a good hour to sit back and enjoy this robolo size. All and all I thought it was a great smoke.

By Dianna on Nov 21, 2012


I've been smoking the Tempus in the terra novo size because up till now I didn't know they existed in the nub style size...THANK YOU BCP they're even better in this size as I already knew they would be burn is cooler and slower as well as even through out and the taste is of course better I give the robolo tempus a 5 all around😊

By Manuel on Apr 9, 2015

By William on Feb 8, 2017


I'm starting to warm up to Alec Bradley. I especially enjoyed these and will seriously consider making them a regular addition to my humidor.

By Thomas on Jan 11, 2017

Enjoyable cigar!

I am not a fan of larger ring sizes, but other than that these offer a quality 30 minute smoke that packs some punch

By Wayne on Jan 24, 2017

favorite daughter

these cigars he received was a free gift which surprisingly he enjoyed very much

By RENATE on Feb 5, 2017

Fantastic Cigar

I am not a fan of the little nub cigars with a big ring gauge but I tried a 5 pack. Great construction.
Pre-light aromas of spice, espresso, white wine like a Riesling, and a very fruity aroma that contains melon, berry, and citrus.
Flavors: artisan chocolate truffles, an espresso component, sweetness, earthiness, creaminess, spice, fruit, bitterness, and cedar. The bitterness is a result of the dark cocoa and espresso flavors.
A floral flavor becomes the latest addition with just 1.5” to go..The spice ramps up and clears my sinuses.
A lot of cigar for $7.

By Philip on Dec 4, 2013

By Colman on Feb 24, 2017

A Let Down...

I went into lighting up this cigar with high hopes but the problems started early and continued on throughout.
Hopefully not all of these are like this but mine had a giant knot towards the head which I was fussing with the whole time. This made for an extremely tight draw and little smoke. I attempted to work the knot out continuously. Also the cap started coming off so I had to baby it. The cut I made was conservative so I do not believe that was the culprit.
On a positive note it did burn pretty evenly all the way down never really needing any attention.
Flavor & Complexity: There isn't much to say about this category. For me it was a massively bitter tobacco taste the entire time. There was the slightest change into the last third that smoothed it out and added just a hint of pepper but the change was so slight it's almost not worth mentioning. The smoke left an slightly oily and very bitter aftertaste.
Personally, I would give this 5/10 being generous and assuming that not all of these have the same construction issues I had. The flavor did not suit my preferences.

By Jonathan on Feb 7, 2013


Well when I saw it was a short cigar I thought I woudlnt be out for long, wrong!!! This is a solid cigar, tightly wrapped and its evident once it is lit that this is a slow burner. The flavour is full bodied so not for a novice smoker, and peppery. I matched this with a glass of Talisker single malt and they worked together xtremely well. Needless to say the whisky was finished long before the cigar which lasted 2 hours and was thouroughly enjoyable. It holds its as well and the flavour benefitted from keeping the ash to keep it a little cooler so resist from tapping it off. In summary a high quality full throttle cigar which is truly deceptive. As part of the Alec Bradley elite eight sampler I must say it is a hit

By Andrew on Oct 1, 2014

Alec Bradley Tempus Robolo review, Austin Landry, Admin, Tight Ash Cigar Club (TACC)

The greatest value I practiced during this review was that everyone (or in this case, anything) deserves a second chance. Everything started off okay; at prelight, I tasted the wrapper after punch cutting and the dark chocolate taste was very appealing. I eagerly began lighting only to have a subpar draw. Appeared it was rolled too tight or stems were blocking the smoke. Burn was even at the beginning. Despite the draw, I continued and immediately pulled red pepper flavors with leather undertones. After about ten minutes, it changed to a complex blend of cocoa, earth, and nuttiness. It was after the change that I really noticed the outer construction: very beautiful! After another ten minutes I hit the second third, where the flavors faded and burn started favoring the band-face side (despite turning and burning). It also looked like the cigar had two tunnels forming. My ash fell off and noticed a burnout as well. From here, I wanted to just give up, but look my guillotine and cut through the burnout. After examining the foot after cutting, I noticed a few small stems in the stick, which explained the issues I was having. I decided to relight instead of give up, which was a good decision. The rest of the stick was great and the nutty, cocoa taste came back. I would give it a 7/10 solely because of the issues I had and being able to save it. Had I given up, definitely would've scored much lower. I'm a big fan of the Tempus, but this experience was not soothing. I would recommend this stick and would give it another try, in hopes that the issues I had were a fluke.

By Austin on Nov 10, 2014

Tempus Robolo by Alec Bradley is rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings.

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