Bcp Cheroots 4 1/4 X 40 Bundle - 50 Total Cigars
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Bcp Cheroots Cigars

From: BCP Brand Item #: 229393
Bundle - 50 Total Cigars
In Stock

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About This Cigar
Count 50 Cigars
Diameter 40 Ring
Filler Short
Length 4 1/4 Inches
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Bundle
Shape Pyramid
Strength Mellow-medium
Wrapper Maduro

BCP Cheroots cigars feature a blend of premium Dominican Piloto Cubano and Kentucky fire-cured tobaccos. These cigars are wrapped in Jalapa and Maduro wrappers that are packed with flavor and offer a smooth finish. Find these 4 ½-inch cigars in a bundle of 50. They offer a mellow to medium strength. Buy BCP Cheroots at the lowest prices at Best Cigar Prices.

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By Carl on Feb 15, 2024

I never had them. I will buy and try them.

By Ronald on Feb 14, 2024

Good cigar for the price

Was alot smaller than exspected but good fushing cigar

By Donald on Dec 21, 2023

By Henry on Oct 5, 2023

Great smoke

I really like this little cigar it is just the right size.

By John on Apr 20, 2023

From better to Best

Folks, I was surprised when I purchased these amazing Bcp Cheroots cigars . they are fresh , mild and I cannot believe the value they offer , I tried many expensive brands and I came right back to these great cigars. try them but save some for me .

By Dennis on Nov 3, 2022

By Gustavo on Nov 1, 2022

Good flavored cigar with decent value

By Stacy on Oct 11, 2022

Good smokes!

Good smokes at the cheap price.

By LUCIAN on May 26, 2022


By Frank on Apr 26, 2022


Great for a quick smoke

By Bob on Mar 31, 2022

Pretty good value. Hit and miss though.

I like these little dailies, quick smoke and good price, but it's a hit and miss. I expect a few in each bunch to not be great, but sometimes a whole pack is rolled so tight-or loose-you can't smoke them. Usually worth it.

By Dan on Mar 1, 2022


Worth the money

By Bobby on Jan 11, 2022

Solid Quickie

These are great for piddling around in the yard, cleaning out the gargage, our when you need quick smoke in the afternoon.

By Mike on Dec 9, 2021

Quick smokes

I liked the natural flavor

By Chuck on Nov 18, 2021

Pretty solid

A few inconsistencies in how well they’re rolled but for the price that’s understandable and they are an overall good value.

By Jeffrey on Oct 14, 2021

Perfect for a Quick Smoke

For the price, these cheroots can’t be beat. Decent flavor, not overly harsh, and a great ten minute smoke.

By Steven on Sep 16, 2021

Great Little cigar

Great little cigar. Excellent value. Enjoyable smoke.

By Edward on Sep 9, 2021

By Russell on Sep 1, 2021

Excellent Little Smoke

These taste great, and are small enough for about a ten minute smoke. good for those times you want a stogie and have no time.

By LYLE on Jul 13, 2021

Cheroots BCP

Ordered 2 bundles of 50 when both got here the one bundle is half the dize of the other in thickness. Other words 40 ring size one bundle and the other bundle 20 ring size but the taste is good. Yes i will buy more.

By Larry on Jun 3, 2021

Best by Far

I've had a hatfull of small cheroots. These are Best by Far.

By Mike on May 13, 2021

bcp cheroots

good cheroots that last longer than some I've smoked.

By james on Jul 2, 2020

By William on Apr 30, 2020

Great purchase

Minor issue with order but they took care of me right away. Great quick smoke while at work.

By David on Feb 28, 2020

good stuff man

By Henrik on Jan 15, 2020

Good quick smoke

I chose these little cigars for a quick smoke and they are perfect for just that

By Richard on Jan 2, 2020

not bad

By William on Nov 21, 2019

Bcp Cheroots 4 1/4 X 40 4 1/4 x 40—Bundle - 50 Total Cigars

A little harsh at first, but you get used to it.

By Troy on Jul 31, 2019

Nice short smoke

These are a fine short smoke. I'd buy them again

By Allen on Apr 14, 2019

By Randy on Jan 15, 2019

Great smoke

Full flavor and long lasting

By Joe on Dec 11, 2018


Good cigar for mowing the lawn or just sitting in your chair after the job is done.

By George on Dec 11, 2018

These little cigars are terrific buy for the money. They satisfy my smoking urge. They are smooth and mild. A great cigar for the outdoors.

By Marty on Dec 11, 2018

Very good for the price

By Al on Nov 15, 2018

BCP Cheroots

Great tasting mild clean burn very good value...

By Ted on Sep 10, 2018

BCP Kool

Medium draw which at first smoke is not as good as latter smoke, enjoy the hour w coffee or lite whiskey for a chat companion.

By Daniel on Jul 10, 2018

BCP Cheroots 4 1/4 x 40


By D on Jun 28, 2018

Great little smoke

Really a good anytime smoke, especially after time in the humidor.

By Jeff on Jun 23, 2018

Consistent low price smoke.

By Justin on Jun 19, 2018

Good but a little rough to handle

By jason on Jun 7, 2018

bought the smaller ones before, these are better

i wish Best Cigar Prices would do a better job at showing us which are the lowest costing bundled cigars. i struggled to find these. since I'm always on the hunt for the lowest costing hand wrapped cigars these are the best you can get, just shy under 22 bucks.

By Raymond on May 29, 2018

quick smoke

I really like the BCP Cheroots when I want a quick smoke. A good buy in my opinion.

By Rod on May 22, 2018


Ok reasonably priced smoke. A bit too harsh for me, but others I’ve shared them with seem to like them

By robert on May 3, 2018

so far have been very happy
with all of my purchase

By john on Apr 19, 2018

BCP Cheroots 4 1/4 x 40 4 1/4 x 40—Bundle of 50

Great everyday smoke. Great value too!!

By Ridley on Feb 15, 2018


I purchased them often there are great value great smoke excellent cigar while at work

By gerald on Jan 30, 2018

Nice Cigar! Nice Price!

Simple, reliable, consistent, and economical cigar!

By oneil on Oct 24, 2017

Wonderful flavor

Always always stock up on these.

By Michael on Jul 20, 2017

By Michael on Jul 12, 2017


Well constructed, but very, very dry. Not sure if it's the cigar itself, of I just got a dry batch. Very dry.

By Harold on Jul 5, 2017

BCP Cheroots 4 1/4x40 4 1/4

A great cigar for the price and excellent quality. Out of all of my previous orders of this jewel of a smoke, I have not found ONE that has inferior perfections.

By Everet on Jul 4, 2017

Bcp cheroots

It's a good smoke while your working but not a cigar you would sit down to enjoy with a drink.

By Keith on Jun 27, 2017

By john on May 28, 2017

Top Shelf Cheapies!

I like the crude look, but construction is good, and burn fairly well, longer than you would expect, up to an hour if you milk it.

Nice out of the box, fairly complex flavors, and get more so with a couple of months in the humidor. Spectacular every day quick smoke and a great workhorse. One of the best for the money I've found.

By Matthew on May 3, 2017

Great little stogies!

I bought these on a whim. Like small cigars and thought I'd give these a try. Wow, amazing! Burn even, stay lit and taste fantastic. Worth twice the price, highly recommended. Will definitely buy again!

By Merle on Jan 14, 2017

By Doug on Dec 15, 2016

A Tasty Little Smoke

I bought these because I was looking for a smaller-sized smoke than the Churchills I usually buy. I enjoy the various smaller smokes like Parodi's and Backwoods and so on occasionally, so these were worth a try. Although they are not "twig dry" like a Parodi, the appearance is similar. I like these as they have a full flavor and are a little larger than either the Parodi or Backwoods cigars. They draw well and burn even and last an enjoyable 20-30minutes. I can recommend them highly.

By michael on Jun 11, 2016

OK, But Not What I Was Looking For

I love Kentucky fire cured tobacco so I thought I would give these a try, especially at the sales price I got them at.
The blend must be 90% Dominican and 10% Kentucky Fire cured because there is barely and of that full on fire cured tobacco taste that I love. There is a woodsy aroma and flavor with a slight sweet hint. They are not bad, just not what I expected. Plus the bundles I received came in all different shades as well as the tips being all different ring gauges with 40 ring being measured at the foot.
These are good knock around the yard or garage 'gars or when you want a short smoke going down the road.
I would re-order these at the price I paid, but not at full price.

By James on Apr 22, 2016

Bcp Cheroots 4 1/4 X 40 is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 59 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Are these dry cured?

These cigars are fire/dry cured.

By John on Jan 27, 2021

Do these have accelerants to make them burn faster or keep burning.

No our BCP cheroots are not altered or enhanced in any way.

By Bill on Mar 28, 2019

Do these require humidification?

In order to keep our BCP Cheroots in the best condition, they do require humidification. It is recommended you do this with all cigars/cigarillos. Since these are very small they will lose humidity quicker than bigger cigars.

By Scott on Oct 23, 2017