BCP Cigarillos - Natural Box - 50 Total Cigars
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BCP Cigarillos - Natural

From: BCP Brand Item #: 229420
2X Deal - 100 Total Cigars
Item is Backordered
Box - 50 Total Cigars
Rare & Out of Stock
$35.50 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 50 Cigars
Diameter 23 Ring
Length 3 Inches
Origin European Union
Packaging Box
Shape Regular
Strength Mellow
Wrapper Natural

Mellow in body and smooth in satisfying flavor, our BCP Cigarillos bring you classic woody and creamy taste in a 3x23 cigarillo you can enjoy on your coffee break. Perfect for a quick puff and easy on the wallet, our BCP Cigarillos are sure to hit the spot.

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By Glenn on Jul 27, 2023

By John on Jul 11, 2023

Great little smoke

When don't have a lot of time this is a go to.

By PATRICK on Jun 22, 2023

BCP Cigarillos - Quite the surprise

Good little daily smoke while doing mundane chores around the yard. Really liked the quickness and good overall quality of this smoke.

By Henry on Jun 21, 2023

quick 2 minute smoke

If you want a quick 2-3 minute smoke, this fits the bill.

By Michael on Jun 15, 2023

By Thomas on May 11, 2023


Perfect when time is an issue.
A daily smoke with a satisfying taste .

By Tim on May 11, 2023

Great product

Great product, great value will definitely purchase again

By Yan on May 11, 2023

By Keith on May 4, 2023


Could be better

By Greg on Apr 27, 2023

By Richard on Apr 27, 2023


Great little quick smoke for a 15 min break

By Tyrone on Mar 23, 2023

Nice quick smoke

I don’t always have time for a full size cigar so these are a nice quick cheaper alternative.

By Eric on Feb 21, 2023

Good cigars

They have decent taste and are well rolled out 10 boxes only 1 cigar was not smokable I love the price

By Earl on Feb 8, 2023

BCP Cigarillos

I like the flavor. They are small enough for a quick break at work and they are fairly smooth.

By Chris on Jan 26, 2023

By elizabeth on Jan 18, 2023

BCP Cigarillos - Natural 3 x 23—Box - 50 Total Cigars

Nice flavor, nice size, great short smoke for after a meal. Not too strong.

By Valdis on Nov 15, 2022

Great little smoke

Ordered these several times they arrive very quickly and are fresh!

By Garry on Nov 7, 2022

Much better then the crap in gas stations

As by their numeric description they are short and then gage is not think but you expect this from cigarillos. So I just started my first one and I known I not going to get a long smoke out of it but so be it.

By David on Sep 22, 2022

Nice little Cigar

These are fantastic to smoke when you don't have an hour. Great price and taste.

By Buddie on Aug 2, 2022

Garcia y Vega Miniatures

Good quality at a reasonable price.

By Steve on May 12, 2022

OK cigars

By andy on May 3, 2022

Good little short on time cigar.

By Todd on May 2, 2022


Short smoke,little flavor some unraveling

By rex on Apr 21, 2022


Excellent after dinner quick smoke with a drambuie.

By Paul on Mar 3, 2022

By Jim on Feb 26, 2022

BCP Cigarillos

Good value for a quick smoke.

By Hugh on Feb 24, 2022

BCP Cigarillos

Great little cigars, smooth, very little bite, & a GREAT price.

By Carl on Feb 17, 2022

Calderilla naturals

These are very good little smokes. The quality has improved over the years for sure!

By Tom on Jan 20, 2022



By John on Dec 23, 2021

great option for a quick smoke

sometimnes i need something for the last hole or two on the golf course

By Michael on Nov 25, 2021

Great buy!

By Forrest on Nov 16, 2021

Great Product

Light taste, priced right. Great for a quick smoke.

By Charlrs on Oct 7, 2021

Little relaxing cigar

When you want to relax , I just have a small cigar, smooth .

By Vito on Sep 22, 2021

The worst

By Keith on Sep 16, 2021

Good Cigarillos

Added these Cigarillos to my fathers order and he really enjoyed them!!!

By Joseph on Sep 9, 2021

By LARRY on Aug 5, 2021

By Walter on Jun 22, 2021

My favorite

These cigarillos are perfect. I get 2 20-minute breaks during the day. During a break, I have time for a walk and a smoke of one of these. These cigarillos are perfect for that small break during the work-day.

By Douglas on Jun 15, 2021

Consistent Quality

By now, I have purchased 200 cigars. All have been first rate. In addition, the convenience of “point & click” vs. driving to the cigar store is much appreciated.

By Ulf on May 27, 2021

By Robert on May 7, 2021

Perfect for when you only have a short smoke break. Love the little cedar box it comes in too!

By Bryan on Apr 24, 2021

By Marty on Mar 22, 2021

Good cigar, great value

These are very good cigars at a very good price. Have already ordered more.

By Jeffrey on Feb 16, 2021

By howie on Feb 2, 2021

Cigars come within a week
Great prices and quality

By stephen on Jan 15, 2021

not delivered

I paid before but not delivered

By khlaid on Oct 22, 2020

Bcp Cigarillos - Natural 3 x 23

One of me favorites. A comfort smoke.

By James on Aug 25, 2020

By Sheila on Aug 4, 2020

Great Deal

Very nice for a quick smoke. Even took them on the golf course!

By donnie on Jul 30, 2020

By Beverly on Jul 3, 2020

Great Smoke

You won’t find a better cigarillo at the price. Consistent construction, mild but flavorful with the look and feel of a hand rolled cigar.

By Jon on Jun 23, 2020

Nice little guys!

Perfect for when you want a smoke but don't have the time for a full sized cigar. I enjoyed every one of them, except for the ones my wife took when she ran out of cigarettes!

By Joe on Jun 15, 2020

Little cigar

Good little cigar natural flavor

By shane on Jun 11, 2020

Bcp Cigarillos

In my opinion these are horrible. Nothing like some people described. I wish I could return them along with some Zino cigarillos, which were also horrible.

By Gregory on May 14, 2020

By Samuel on Apr 7, 2020

By Roy on Mar 19, 2020


Great value and taste. Perfect for a quick smoke in between regular cigars.

By Anita on Feb 25, 2020

Great little smokes

I bought these when they were on special and thoroughly enjoyed them. They smoked evenly and were very mellow. Great for a fast smoke when you don't have time to enjoy a full size smoke.

By Frank on Feb 16, 2020

Bcp Cigarillos - Natural 3 x 23—Box - 50

great little quick smoke, smooth and light.

By Troy on Feb 13, 2020

Good smoke

When you don't have the time to burn a larger cigar, this is a satisfying little smoke.

By Robin on Jan 30, 2020


Very good for a quick smoke break

By Jose on Jan 14, 2020


perfect for a quick smoke with very little time. tastes great too

By Ronald on Dec 14, 2019

bcp cigarillos

I love these little smokes, just the right amount for a work break they don't always "Look" as nice as some but you can't beat the price

By victoria on Dec 5, 2019

For a change once in awhile, cant go wrong with these little jewels

By william on Nov 12, 2019

Great value

A great smoke for a short time!

By Robin on Oct 22, 2019

By Arthur on Oct 17, 2019


Another great value product with good taste.

By Michael on Oct 3, 2019



By ed on Sep 19, 2019

BCP Cigarillos

My new smoke, pretty good

By Greg on Sep 14, 2019

By cynthia on Jul 30, 2019

Nice quick smokes

these are great for a quick smoke.

By David on Jul 30, 2019

Always the best price and service

I’ve been a long time customer, but occasionally will shop around to see if I can get a better price. The answer has always been no, they’re called Best for a reason

By Raymond on Jul 12, 2019

By Kenneth on Jun 23, 2019

By Ray on Jun 16, 2019

Bcp Cigarillos

Tried them once as a bonus buy. I thought I'd give them another try.

By Jeffrey on May 28, 2019


Flavor good aromatic okay.

By Daniel on Apr 11, 2019

By Benjamin on Mar 27, 2019


As an X cigarette smoker, I've grown accustomed to having that smoke hanging from my lips while working, gardening, walking, etc..etc... I first bought these to take the place of my ciggs. But man, was I surprised by the taste of these little cigars! They are AWESOME! GREAT flavor, aroma, and burn. I really love these little jewels, and will never be without them again!

By Matt on Mar 21, 2019

Smooth tasting

By Connie on Mar 14, 2019

By Miroslaw on Mar 5, 2019


By Boris on Feb 7, 2019

Nice Petite Smoke

This is a nice smoke and less expensive @ BCP than ANYWHERE else. Classy presentation in a small wooden box. Their fulfillment center must be on steroids w/ shipping & handling as the product arrives within 4 days of placing the order. Lightening fast w/o paying for expedited delivery. I will continue to be a returning customer to this fine tobacco establishment.

By michael on Jan 2, 2019

By Rick on Dec 13, 2018

Small but taste

Very taste . If you want a quick smoke this is it

By Daniel on Nov 25, 2018

Little cigars

By steve on Nov 20, 2018

Good quick smoke

Great if you only have limited time for a smoke

By Donald on Nov 8, 2018

By John on Nov 2, 2018


Fast shipping than before .

By luke on Sep 20, 2018

Nice little cigar

Good for after eating out when you don't have time for full sized.

By Patricia on Sep 13, 2018

I love these!

Perfect small smoke for a quick break at work or anytime. Good flavor. Very mild.

By michael on Sep 11, 2018

By Jim on Aug 21, 2018

so-so on these. Not really my style of smoke.

By Daryl on Aug 10, 2018

Where did it go?

Tiny. Hard to hold. Smokes super fast and burns fast and hot!

By Michael on Aug 9, 2018

By Kelly on Aug 7, 2018

By Mark on Jul 19, 2018

By Haydar on Jul 14, 2018

Excellent for the price

My husband was really surprised by these little cigars,as was I. He really likes the flavor and the smoke has a nice smell. They also are good for a quick puff outside. They relight nicely and hold together well.

By Nikki on Jul 10, 2018

By Richard on Apr 12, 2018

bought on special

a little too rough for me

By Ronald on Mar 29, 2018

By Wayne on Mar 20, 2018


These convenient, tasty little cigar-lets are perfect for a quick smoke-- like at the airport, where the smoking area is out in the snow and wind! Good in warm, welcoming places too.

By Dr. on Mar 16, 2018

My Little Friends

Great for a quick card ride, here in NY, it gets too cold to light a stick, these are a quick fix, good flavor and priced right! Sneak it in when tossing the trash out, or walking to the shed for the snow blower!

By Dominic on Feb 27, 2018

BCP Natural

A nice light small cigar at a very reasonable price.

By Jonathan on Feb 22, 2018

By Gary on Feb 5, 2018

By Donovon on Feb 1, 2018

nothing special normal natural cigarillo

normal natural cigarillo the tobacco taste acceptable the draw is good and the burn is great which give you more smoking time for each stick. good price for 50 stick but if you ask for international shipping ask to put the box for humidor bag I forget about this idea but I will do it next time because the freshness of this box has been gone when I received it after 25 days

By Abdulrahman on Jan 25, 2018

Great cigarillos

Best to do that on short drives like 5-15minutes! So tasty!

By Newby on Dec 26, 2017

Nice little and light cigar...

I enjoy these natural cigars when time is short and especially when old man winter sets in…I can’t stay outside too long when it’s cold and because these cigars are a “small footprint” they’re perfect.

By Samuel on Dec 17, 2017

All the way around good little cigar.

Great little cigar, full of flavor.

By JJ on Dec 8, 2017


If you're looking for a quick smoke, something to hit during a short drive to the store, or if you only have a moment to spare at the office. THESE are for you. If you bundle them with Trader Jack's, they're very inexpensive as well!

By Shawn on Dec 7, 2017

good but not my favorite. seemed a little dry

By JAMES on Nov 23, 2017

BCP Cigarillos

Nice add on to my order!

By Paul on Nov 21, 2017

Best Cigar Prices

I love them! Can't stop smoking.

By Rose on Nov 15, 2017

By SAL on Nov 9, 2017

By Thomas on Nov 2, 2017

By steve on Oct 24, 2017

By Timothy on Sep 28, 2017

Service & quality

I have only made a couple of orders,but the service I receive over the phone is awsome.
The quality of the product it always top notch.

By Doug on Sep 19, 2017


Good product but TardersJacks is better

By Joe on Aug 17, 2017

Love these smooth taste lotta flavor and can't beat the price

By dennis on Jul 30, 2017

By dawn on Mar 22, 2017

Mini Cigar - El grande pleasure

50 mini cigars of this quality for this low price - its every cigar smoker dream...Morning coffee without mini cigar to start a day is just not the same

By Davor on Mar 16, 2017

An OK SMoke

These were on sale for $10 so I bought a box. I won't buy them again unless they go on sale for 10 bucks. They are an OK smoke, but definitely not premo tobacco. They are kinda harsh, like most any cheap cigar is expected to be. Well made though and burn well.

By James on Mar 14, 2017

bcp cigarillo

Nice little cigar for a quick smoke

By Albert on Feb 24, 2017

By ken on Feb 2, 2017


Great little smoke, good value here. Service here is great. Never had a problem with my orders FAST......

By glenn on Jan 26, 2017

BCP Cigarillos

very good value for a mid range cigarillo!

By David on Jan 26, 2017


By Michael on Jan 17, 2017

Good little cigar

Mild and sweet best dog walking cigar I've smoked

By Carl on Jan 5, 2017

Good value

Pretty good cigarillo for the price

By Paul on Dec 25, 2016

tiny smoke

I like a small ring, but usually no smaller than a 30. I did enjoy these in spite of the minuscule size, they have enough flavor and smoke to make it worth the the few minutes they last.

By Timothy on Dec 13, 2016

BCP Cigarillos - Natural is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 132 customer ratings.

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