Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 56 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter
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Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 56 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter

From: BCP Gear Item #: 12941
$2.59 MSRP
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Our inexpensive and reliable Best Cigar Prices Double Blade Cigar Cutter provides a clean cut on any cigar up to a 56 ring gauge.

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By Bryan on Dec 5, 2023

Not so much

Although reasonably priced, it came out of the packaging with loose blades or maybe they just weren't sharp, or both. At any rate, it doesn't cut cleanly and more or less chews the end off the cigar.

By Hal on Sep 28, 2023

By Ritchie on Sep 5, 2023

It is a cutter

It does what it should do, cut cigars. Very inexpensive.

By Dennis on Aug 24, 2023

By Robert on Jul 27, 2023

unable to rate as it was a gift.

By Tom on Jul 25, 2023

Best cigar is top notch

We absolutely love everything about best cigars, selection of products, and the double blade 56 is been absolutely wonderful!

By James on Jun 13, 2023

Very good cutter for the price. Still use it every day.

By Earl on May 31, 2023

nice cutter nice gift,,thak you

ice gift..use it alot...

By John on May 25, 2023

By Tom on May 11, 2023

Does the job

Slight amount of flex, works well

By Jordan on May 2, 2023

By John on Apr 11, 2023

By Nelly on Mar 28, 2023

By daniel on Mar 23, 2023

Cigar Cutter 56

It gets the job done, the cutting blades are real sharp. The construction could be a bit more solid, as the blades do open and slide a little too easy.

By David on Mar 1, 2023

By Robert on Jan 26, 2023



By Paul on Dec 29, 2022

Great love it

By Barry on Dec 29, 2022


This cutter is all I need. It’s easy to use and fits in your pocket nicely.

By David on Dec 29, 2022

By Dan on Dec 13, 2022

Great cutter !

Works just as well as similar cutters 10x, 20x times the price !!

By Peter on Nov 20, 2022

Don't use a cuttee

I use a punch exclusively

By Joe on Oct 27, 2022

nice cutter

this cutter performs as well as the expensive cutters

By Daniel on Oct 13, 2022

By Barry on Sep 19, 2022

Great everyday smokes

Good price for an everyday cigarsmoker

By Joseph on Aug 16, 2022

Great 25 minute smoke

Fine tobacco, smooth and mild! My favorite cigar for many years!!

By Michael on Aug 9, 2022

By Charlie on Jun 28, 2022

Great cutter. Easy to use. Fingerports are big enough for large hands. Blades are sharp and made of good material.

By Reginald on Jun 14, 2022

have been using for several years.very useful great cut

By Fred on Jun 2, 2022

Been great

By Jim on May 31, 2022

I like it because it fits many gauges of cigars.

By Scott on May 31, 2022

Great cutter

I've been looking for years for an inexpensive cutter that actually works. I bought one years ago that I still use on camping trips. I've bought a few cheap cutters over the years to have as a backup, but they never work well, tearing the cigar or cutting poorly, until now. This cutter works as well as a $20 cutter, and it is inexpensive enough that I'm not afraid to lose it.

By Kenneth on May 24, 2022

cigar cutter

Cuts with ease. Easy to use. Fits in pocket. Price is great.

By Kathy on Apr 12, 2022

By Dennis on Nov 18, 2021


Great product, very smooth.

By Harry on Oct 19, 2021

By jim on Oct 19, 2021


Perfect cutter easy to cut the cigar very cheap and good quality very recommended

By Krikor on Sep 28, 2021

Good solid cutter

This cutter seems to be long lasting and stays together

By TOM on Sep 14, 2021

Nice for the price

Not bad for a plastic cutter. Blades hold up nice.

By Fredric on Aug 4, 2021

cut me

nice added value to purchasing

By Vincent on Jun 11, 2020

By Keith on May 21, 2020

By Marc on May 14, 2020

By Kim on May 5, 2020

By Terryl on Apr 24, 2020

Nice... for the price

Cuts clean and quick. Of course the plastic doesn't hold up forever but it did last a long time.

By Tom on Apr 23, 2020

terrible product. price was right but it does not cut.

By MIKE on Dec 17, 2019

By Ron on Nov 14, 2019

By Joseph on Nov 14, 2019

By Michael on Oct 24, 2019

By Peter on Sep 17, 2019

By Steve on Aug 22, 2019

Cigar cutter #2

Very good at cutting, works perfectly.

By William on Aug 19, 2019


It was loose not solidly made.

By chris on Jun 4, 2019

By waymoth on Apr 17, 2019

Works as expected

By Mark on Apr 2, 2019



By DAVID on Feb 28, 2019



By Gary on Feb 16, 2019

By Steve on Feb 7, 2019


does the job

By James on Jan 31, 2019

Excellent Cigar Cutter

I have three of these cutters and have them in different places so they are always available.

By Richard on Jan 1, 2019

Cigar cutter

Well constructed with best cigar prices and phone number on it which I really like because I’m not always at home. These cutters last a long time.

By david on Nov 20, 2018

By WARREN on Oct 25, 2018

not too bad but not perfect like RP cutter

not too bad but not perfect like RP cutter or any other premium double blade cutters but it will work fine if you work on make the blades a little bit sharp

By Abdulrahman on Sep 7, 2018

Double Blade Cigar Cutter

The cutter works well. Best Cigar Prices was prompt with its delivery and the price was right.

By Louis on Sep 6, 2018

Very Pleased Customer

Everything arrived as ordered....and...all arrived several days earlier than expected!!! I had a wedding week-end and thanks to your service I did NOT run out of cigars !! One small issue...for some time now my Qurum cigars have had a " band issue" as the band is NOT glued properly leaving a flap and band is often to close after cutting ...and I always make a very minimum cut !

By John on Aug 21, 2018

Decent Cutter

Good but not great. Good cutter for the $$$

By Gary on Aug 16, 2018

cigar cutter

works perfect,slim for pocket carry

By Michael on Jul 24, 2018

By Marc on Jul 14, 2018

very good for the price

i have went through cheap cutters that work good maybe 3 times. this cutter is the best one for the price by far.

By joseph on Jul 12, 2018

Good cutter

This double blade cutter does a very good job on any cigar up to as out a 58 gauge.

By Nick on Jun 12, 2018

Very nice

My husband loved it

By RHONDA on Jun 5, 2018

By Douglas on May 3, 2018

By joe on Apr 13, 2018

By alvin on Jan 11, 2018


Works very well.

By Kenneth on Dec 19, 2017

cuts like butter

inexpensive and it works

By matt on May 11, 2017

By Phil on May 9, 2017

By William on May 4, 2017

It's a very nice cutter. It works really well with no issues

By Charles on Apr 20, 2017


good cutter for price

By J. on Mar 7, 2017

By roger on Feb 28, 2017

By William on Jan 12, 2017

By Lou on Dec 10, 2016

Blade cutter

Easy to use, works great, reasonable price.

By Arthur on Dec 6, 2016

By Pierre on Nov 29, 2016


Works great. Not bulky

By frederick on Feb 21, 2014

Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 56 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 86 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

What is the maximum ring gauge of this cutter?

This particular cutter is designed for a 56 ring maximum.

By ERNEST on Aug 16, 2014