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Blazer Top-Z Dual Flame Lighter Insert

Blazer Top-z Dual Flame Lighter Insert

From: Blazer Item #: 225865

We're sorry! This item is not available for direct sale, because it is either a bonus item or has been discontinued.

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About This Item
Color Multi-colored
Flame Style 2 Torch
Enjoy the look of your favorite flip top lighter and the functionality of two wind resistant torch flames with the Blazer Top-Z Dual Flame Lighter Insert. Fits easily in most Zippo-style lighter housing units.

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(14 Customer Reviews)
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Works as advertised

Never had one not perform as stated. If it craps out after a year, for the price still a non-painful replacement. But sweet way to get a zippo turned into a cigar torch

By Robert on Jul 31, 2020

Not worth it even at the price

Awful, worked great for awhile now it just acts like a regular lighter. The torch quit working.

By LESLIE on Jun 23, 2020

Great lighter

By Carlos on Mar 2, 2020


Great product, use it every day.

By Frank on Oct 10, 2019

It works!

I was not sure, at first, but took the gamble.
I am pleasantly surprised at how well the insert works.
I have found that I need to purge the lighter almost every time I refill to keep the flames burning strong.
After using for several months, I have had no issues beyond the need to purge regularly.
Oh, I have also found that all fuel is not created equal, get the cleanest, most refined available.

By Jon on Jun 21, 2019

Great conversion solution!

What a great conversion idea! I have loved my classic zippo for years - a gift from my dad, so it has special sentimental value to me. But it is not the best lighter for all conditions, and certainly not the preferred method for ingiting cigars. This insert solves that, and then some!

By John on May 14, 2019

Definitely did not measure up to other reviews

From the beginning it seemed to only work occasionally. Now, it doesn't work at all. I only smoke a few cigars a week, or none at all, so this has definitely not been overused. Very disappointed, as I was hoping to enjoy the whole Zippo idea.

By SAM on Mar 24, 2019

New life for my Zippo

I needed to replace the insert for my forty year old Marine Corps Zippo and came across this great upgrade. Pros: It fits perfectly, works great, and you'll wonder why it took you so long to switch from fluid to butane. Cons: they should have used clear plastic for the tank to make it easer to check fuel level, other than that it's a great buy!

By SCOTT on Jan 30, 2019

Best lighter I ever had!

Fills nicely, strong torch makes lighting up quick and easy

By Robert on Jul 24, 2018

Works Great

Now can get the famous Zipp click and clack but with butane for cigars! Love it!

By Ken on Aug 18, 2017

Best invention ever for those that have the traditional Zippo style lighter. I've had my lighter for a long time and it had some sentimental value but wasn't practical. This insert made it my daily ligther again.

By Mark on Aug 1, 2017

Excellent Value

The insert works fine business. My Zippo now lights the first time every time.

By Alfred on May 2, 2017

Blazer lighter insert

Best way to avoid constantly buying replacement lighters that aren't worth the price. Last longer than most lighters and is a fraction of the cost. Dual torch gets it done. Never going back to buying a new lighter every couple of months

By Roland on Nov 14, 2015

Blazer TOP-Z Dual Flame Lighter Insert

Instead of paying big bucks for fancy lighters this insert for Zippos is great. Lasts longer them most cigar lighters and has a great dual flame. Cheap to replace.

By Roland on Nov 12, 2015

Blazer Top-Z Dual Flame Lighter Insert is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings.

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