CAO Flavours - Moontrance Cigarillos Tins: 50 Cigarillos
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CAO Flavours - Moontrance Cigarillos

From: CAO Flavours Item #: 5919
Tins: 50 Cigarillos
In Stock
Tin - 10 Total Cigars
In Stock
$110.95 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 50 Cigars
Diameter 30 Ring
Filler Short
Flavor Other
Length 4 Inches
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Tins
Shape Regular
Strength Mellow-medium
Wrapper Cameroon

CAO Flavours are made with rare ingredients from all over the globe. While many flavored cigars are seasoned with chemical sprays and perfumes, CAO’s interpretation of the flavored cigar is truly the real deal. Moontrance is infused with bourbon vanilla, along with Georgia peaches and other organic fruits, and is finished off with Hawaiian honey.

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By thanh on Mar 28, 2024

Good Introduction Cigar!

I don't smoke these, but I use them as a conversation starter for ladies who watch their husbands smoke. I get them to smell it, and they try it. They usually start smoking those so they can share the experience of smoking with their significant other, and sometimes they graduate to traditional cigars.

By Charles on Oct 5, 2023

Great little smoke

When you only need a quick smoke that’s truly flavorful, these little beauties fit the bill.

By Michael on Jul 20, 2023

By Joanne on Feb 18, 2023

Great cigar !

Out of all CAO flavored cigars this one is the best. Sweet mild and very good flavor.

By jimmie on Jan 11, 2023

Wonderful taste and smell

Great flavor and room note. Would recommend.

By paul on Dec 9, 2022

CAO Moontrance

Awesome cigars! Mild and flavorful!! Perfect burn.

By Wayne on Mar 17, 2022



By kevin on Sep 10, 2021

They are great and your sales staff is fantastic

By Sylvia on Aug 12, 2021

Moontramce Cigarillos

I have been enjoying these cigarillos for years . Started with the large cigars and found they just didn't suit my tastes, so I went to these. Fantastic smoke.

By Rhonda on Aug 12, 2021

The Best

So flavorful and satisfying. I love them.

By Christopher on Feb 17, 2021

I loves me some Moontrance!

My favorite flavoured cigar is CAO's Moontrance! It's mild, but flavorable. A good 20-minute smoke! Great price from Best Cigar Prices!

By Gavin on Oct 27, 2020

Moontrance Cigarillos

If you don't want a full size cigar, this is a great alternative. Good smoke with a good flavor

By Patrick on Oct 29, 2019


So far so good - quality has been maintained for several years now - not always a given nowadays.

By Earl on Sep 20, 2019

CAO Moontrace Cigarillos

Great little cigars that i enjoy weekly. Best Cigar prices ships fast and has always made me a very satisfied customer.

By Jim on Mar 5, 2019


Not too mild, not too strong. No funny flavors for kids (peach, etc.). My wife loves these cigarillos!

By Douglas on Feb 13, 2019


Great flavor

By Paul on Feb 7, 2019

Very fond

Little bigger than I like but they are terrific

By Barbara on Jul 24, 2018

Daryl Sandaker

I have enjoyed these for a number of years with the only problem being the quality drops off from time to time

By Daryl on Apr 26, 2018

By John on Feb 8, 2018

Sweet Smoke

Good sweet smoke for those short breaks!!!

By Steven on Nov 16, 2017

By Michele on Oct 24, 2017


great little smoke

By connie on Aug 10, 2017

Nice 30 Min smoke

Nicely flavoured, but they didn't go overboard, I buy them often

By ken on May 17, 2017

Moontrance Cigarillos

The aroma of this cigar is wonderful. Mild and smoothing taste.

By Kelly on Apr 18, 2017

Moontrance 4x30

I have been smoking moontrance for several years I enjoy the tast and everyone around said they enjoy the smell. Those that I have given one said they enjoyed it and would bye more. I recommend them to all that smokes cigars.

By john on Mar 29, 2017

mild and sweet

love these cigars!

By Erin on Jan 26, 2017

Moontrance mini

Great for a quick smoke, hint of vanilla taste

By Ronald on Jan 10, 2017

My favorite flavored cigar

This is my favorite flavored cigar! I've been buying Moontrance for 3 years now. The aroma is so pleasant! A few of my non-smoker friends have purchased these after being around me during events and smelling them. Definitely worth a try!

By Monique on Aug 26, 2016

My Review on Moontrance Cigars

I have smoked many cigars in last ten years but for the last five years I have only smoked this brand, I have found that I get more compliments from more people on there fragrance and the smoke doesn't bother them non-smoker or smoker alike, and this lets me enjoy my cigar more when I can sit inside or outside knowing I am not bothering others around me while I am relaxing and smoking my cigars.

By Cary on Aug 13, 2015

My absolute favorite smoke

Great flavor and smoke...not harsh...rolled perfectly

By Kathleen on Apr 22, 2015

Smooth & Relaxing

Good half hour smoke with a nice vanilla background.

By mike on Jan 7, 2015

My Absolute Favorite

I love these..flavorful...I look forward to every one!

By Kathleen on Jan 2, 2015

Moontrance Review

I LOVE these CAO Moontrance cigars! They are always sweet, flavorful, and they smell great - not stinky!

By candice on Dec 22, 2014

good little cigar

They are a great cigars. I deal when fishing.

By Donald on Dec 22, 2014

Excellent Cigarillos

Mild, flavorful and perfect size for a quick smoke. And the smell does not offend the people around you.

By George on Oct 23, 2014

CAO Moontrance

I love the flavor of these cigars and the size is just right. Being female I really enjoy a "girly" cigar and the taste, aroma and size of these are just perfect!

By candice on Oct 10, 2014

Moontrance by CAO

I find these to be the perfect cigars for guys like me that just smoke occasionally. The aroma of the cigar is pleasant and I get people who say they smell good, even though they normally don't like cigar smoke.

By David on Sep 5, 2014


love them.. great flavor

By Tony on Sep 4, 2014

CAO Flavours

The moontrance tins are so tasty and have a really sweet aroma. These are a mild cigar that are great for a quick smoke.

By Bonnie on Dec 4, 2012

CAO Flavours - Moontrance Cigarillos is rated 5 out of 5 based on 40 customer ratings.

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