Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Humidification Jar - 4oz 2X Deal
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Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-gel Humidification Jar - 4oz 2x Deal

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$24.00 MSRP
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Contains two 4oz Hydro-Gel Jars Best Cigar Prices proudly presents Cigar Swami, our exclusive brand of cigar humidification products! Every Cigar Swami product is precision engineered to maintain perfect conditions in your humidor, ensuring that your cigars age exactly how theyre supposed to.Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Jars are filled with pre-hydrated water crystals, which release purified water vapor into your humidor in order to maintain 70 percent relative humidity. These units feature a proprietary anti-fungal, anti-mold system and are self-regulating, meaning they will also lower the humidity level if it becomes too high. When the crystals in the Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Jar shrink down to the add line, simply add Cigar Swami PG Potion to the fill line and the crystals will absorb the solution. Remember to never use tap water or 50/50 propylene glycol solution to refill your Cigar Swami humidifier; the only way to ensure that your humidifier is working at its full capacity is to use Cigar Swami PG Potion.


x1 Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Humidification Jar - 4oz Cigar Swami Cigar Genie Hydro-Gel Humidification Jar - 4oz Humidifies 50-100 cigars $12.00 MSRP
MSRP:  $24.00
Best Cigar Prices:  $12.99
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