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Kentucky Fire Cured
Kentucky Fire Cured

Kentucky Fire Cured "chunky" By Drew Estate

From: Drew Estate Item #: 221100
$50.00 MSRP - 24% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 10 Cigars
Length 4 Inches
Diameter 46 Ring
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium Bodied
Wrapper Maduro
The Kentucky Fire Cured line by Drew Estate is a smoky cigar with deep notes of roasted hickory oak and maple wood, thanks to its special inclusion of Kentucky Fire Cured tobaccos. This joint venture between Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua is one of the most unique stogies to ever hit our humidor. For an excellent full-flavored cigar with a naturally smoky and peaty taste, Drew Estate's KFC can't be beat.

Available in 3 unique sizes: Just a Friend 6 x 52, Fat Molly 5 x 56 and Chunky 4 x 46.

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Now, folks also who know me, know that I also love Scotch, and I especially like the very smokey (peaty) Islay Scotches. So, when I pull one of these MUWAT KFC sticks out, I smell what I swear is the remnants of a campfire. So, given my tastes in Scotch, I'm thinking, this aughta be something great.

So, I fire it up, and I will tell you, I really haven't been disappointed in a DE cigar before, until this one. It was like smoking a stick off a tree in my back yard! I couldn't believe it! - So, as I'm choking this thing down, I decide to read the package; and on the back is this little story about smokey Scotch. I just so happened to have recently gotten a bottle of Laphroaig Triple Wood, and had only had a small glass at that point, and was looking for an excuse to drink some more - so I pours me a snifter. COMPLETELY changes everything! This cigar, which I had struggled to smoke before, suddenly becomes this FANTASTIC smoke! My scores reflect WITH SCOTCH...

I would say the first third was a bit earthy, and the middle and second third was more balanced. Matched with the Scotch, it was extraordinary.

I will also say that the Scotch is excellent as well. I recently have gotten two different bottles of Laphroaig's, and they have both been excellent.

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Try something new

These are actually very good. They have a smokey smell before you light them but they are very tasty. Do yourself a favor and give them a try.

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It looks like the have become popular and is reflected by the price.

A bit pricey

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Not a fan

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Excellent pairing with a single malt scotch!

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Kentucky Fire Cured "Chunky" By Drew Estate is rated 2.8 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings.

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