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El Coto Toro

From: El Coto Item #: 232602
Bundle - 25 Total Cigars
In Stock
Sealed Pack - 5 Total Cigars
In Stock
$87.50 MSRP - 65% OFF
Free Bonus
valued at $17.50
About This Cigar
Count 25 Cigars
Length 6 Inches
Diameter 50 Ring
Filler Mixed
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Mellow-medium Bodied
Wrapper Sumatra
Don’t let the bundle packaging fool you - Hailing from the Dominican Republic, El Coto is a full flavored blend of Dominican Criollo 98, Olor Dominicano, Nicaraguan & Pennsylvania long fillers under a beautiful Sumatra wrapper.

Creamy, semi-sweet flavor and an inviting aroma are this budget-priced blend’s calling cards - you’ll know when someone’s smoking El Coto even before you see them. A real treat for less than $2 per stick!

Free Bonus

With every order of El Coto Toro Bundle - 25 Total Cigars, you get this bonus item:

Here's what others have to say about this item!

(91 Customer Reviews) View More Top Reviewed Cigars
View More Top Reviewed Cigars

Great Value

1st time and may not be the last, I am surprised! these are well rolled, easy drawing, good smoke and burn. What more can you ask for? Oh, I know a good price! It's all here!!

By Rob on Sep 19, 2017

Awesome Product

Ordered to get a affordable everyday ciger. Was a little concerned by the cheap band, but wow! Nice draw, even burning, nice smooth flavor. Going to be keeping these around for my morning smoke.

By Carlos on Sep 22, 2017

Since I received my bundle I have smoke 4 cigars. The have an even burn, good draw and great taste.

By Alfonso on Oct 20, 2017


Good cigars

By James on Oct 3, 2017

Good smoke for the price

First time smoking this brand and was a bit skeptical but after trying them they have a good burn and smoke good

By Fernando on Oct 12, 2017

Diamond in the rough

When I first saw the El Coto cigar on the BCP website, I have to admit, I didn’t think it was a quality cigar. I’m not a cigar snob by any means, but I also don’t know the ins and outs of the if cigar company’s and the smaller brands. I grew friend of mine and my cigar godfather set me straight when it came to El Coto. The next time BCP had them on sale, a bundle of 25 with an extra 5 for free!! It’s a great tasting cigar that can compete with cigars selling for 5 times the price! Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger in these tasty sticks.

By Stefano on Oct 24, 2017

By Marc on Oct 19, 2017

They are respectable and goo all around. Burn nicely

By William on Oct 24, 2017

Not too bad

To me these are very earthy and coffee flavored. The outer wrapper is thin and seems to crack easy. I probably won't buy any more.

By Brian on Nov 16, 2017

The Daily Go To

Nicely made great smoke & price

By Paul on Dec 12, 2017

El Coto Toro

I have purcbased three bundles of these cigars. I'd say they are good sticks. All cigars have a time and place. I smoke these when I'm working. They vary a little. Always good for the price.

By SAMUEL on Nov 7, 2017

Not bad cigar, but those bands suck

Not a bad cigar for the price, pretty decent smoke. But those bands sucks. Too much glue and sometimes the glue soaked through to the wrapper. I hate smoking with bands so I removed them but these are impossible to get off. Can't tell you how many smokes I ruined trying to remove these bands and the glue that went through the band paper to the wrapper.

By Thomas on Nov 8, 2017

By Robert on Nov 16, 2017

By Bob on Nov 21, 2017

By Chris on Nov 28, 2017

El coto

Would not purchase this product again

By Jim on Nov 30, 2017

Good for every day

A good cigar for everyday but not a great cigar

By James on Dec 7, 2017

Trader Jack

Great tasting cigar for the price

By John on Jan 4, 2018


Well constructed with earthy flavors, very consistent

By martin on Jan 11, 2018

Very Good

Very Good item

By Syllma on Jan 11, 2018

By Tara on Jan 10, 2018

good smokes

Reasonable price, full flavor.

By John on Jan 23, 2018

Ring hard to remove

My biggest complaint is that the ring is so can be hard to remove. It's a paper wrapper which is well glued. Hard to remove even if I waited until the end and let the cigar warm up ring. Half the time I ended up damaging the cigar wrapper.

By Tom on Jan 25, 2018

By George on Jan 18, 2018

By Gary on Jan 30, 2018

Last Time I Buy

Uneven burn, wrapper unraveled, not a good smoke with the batch I received.

By Stephen on Jan 30, 2018


I really enjoy the cigar good burning good flavor

By Todd on Feb 15, 2018


Good inexpensive everyday smoke!

By Robert on Feb 15, 2018

El Coto's

A decent smoke for the price. Very even burning. Only issue was the wrapper on most was extremely dry.

By Dennis on Feb 22, 2018


Bad flavor,
Tight draw,
Cigars would not stay together. Very dry.

By Brandon on Feb 20, 2018

By Charles on Feb 22, 2018

By Tim on Feb 27, 2018

By Wayne on Mar 20, 2018

Excellent cigar for the price

If your looking for a deal on a cigar but don’t have much money, look no further. It’s a pretty good smoke and holds up well.

By john on Mar 20, 2018

[email protected]

Wrapper came apart on each of the first 4 cigars I tried. Reasonable smoke, would not choose to buy again. Martin King.

By Martin on Mar 21, 2018

By Dan on Apr 19, 2018

By tom on May 17, 2018

By Patrick on May 31, 2018

Yo Quieros Taco Bell

Loved them. Great cigar.

By Darin on Jul 2, 2018

ok cigar

By Norbert on Jun 28, 2018

By Julio on Jun 26, 2018

By Gary on Jul 10, 2018


By Guy on Jul 17, 2018

El coto

Good cigars for a great prise

By frank on Jul 26, 2018

Not a fan

Don’t make the mistake of sharing these with your friends.

By James on Aug 12, 2018


Not to my liking

By saul on Aug 9, 2018

By shawn on Aug 16, 2018

Only 1 drawback, the label

Not a bad cigar, only drawback is the ring label is hard to remove. The cigar itself is smooth, good draw and burns evenly. No complaints about the cigar, well worth the sale price!

By Tracy on Aug 16, 2018

El Coto

Taste is decent for an inexpensive cigar,but the burn is pretty bad.

By Jim on Aug 21, 2018

Good everyday Smoke

good cigar, after smoking a couple of them I had some after taste, for this brand, they make a couple of different varieties will try them.

By Mike on Aug 29, 2018


I got this bundle once and I will not buy again because it have woody flavor all through if you like the woody flavor its for you with a reasonable price

By Abdulrahman on Sep 7, 2018

El Coto

By Charles on Sep 11, 2018

Nice coffee smoke

Really nice morning smoke goes great with coffee ,excellent price. Junk band

By Justin on Sep 11, 2018

By Curtis on Oct 9, 2018

Super Value

For a bargain price you enjoy the flavor burn aroma of s pricier cigar. Get some now!

By john on Oct 25, 2018

By Randy on Nov 26, 2018

Nice for the Price

I was looking for a daily smoker in Toro size and this meets my requirements.

By William on Nov 27, 2018

Nice Daily smoke

By Vladimir on Nov 27, 2018

Good cigar

Great for every time smoke

By Christopher on Nov 27, 2018

Not good

Got this as a part of a bundle. Hard draw. Outer wrapper fell apart. Don’t be fooled by bundles

By Michael on Dec 11, 2018

By david on Dec 11, 2018

Nice bundle

A great bunch of smokes

By peter on Dec 20, 2018


By Milva on Jan 29, 2019

Very good cigar for the money I will be buying them again

By waymoth on Feb 5, 2019


Good cigar

By Jim on Feb 21, 2019

Bought on a whim

I bought these on a complete Wham because of the price and figured that if they were bad I would end up smoking them somewhere along the line or I'd give them away to friends but after about four or five of them I realized that I had found my new everyday got to have them in the humidor smoke these are great and I mean spectacular cigars for the money you truly cannot beat the price you can't beat the quality great taste great flavor good long smoke even burn and other than the occasional issues with the rapper these are spectacular

By Dale. on Feb 23, 2019

By Patricia on Mar 13, 2019

By CHARLIE on Mar 12, 2019

Beach Sticks

Needed a mild and affordable beach smoke while basking in the Florida sun. The El Coto Toro more than met the challenge!

By Richard on Mar 26, 2019

By ALLEN on Mar 27, 2019

By ALLEN on Mar 27, 2019

By ALLEN on Mar 27, 2019

El Coto bundle

By David on Mar 28, 2019

By Ronald on Apr 23, 2019

The perfect daily cigar

I smoke El Coto almost every day

By Ngoc on Apr 30, 2019


What can u say for the price top smoke excellent thank u BCP again

By John on Apr 30, 2019


Wonderful for price everyday

By John on Apr 30, 2019

El Coto

Good cigar for the money. I'll order more of these.

By george on May 21, 2019

By Gary on May 28, 2019

By Ronald on Jun 11, 2019



By GARY on Jun 25, 2019

Best Value

For the Price, it is hard to beat.Nice draw, well made. Good ever day smoke, more so while cutting grass o riding mower.

By Gordon on Jul 4, 2019

By Bernard on Jul 11, 2019

By Bernard on Jul 11, 2019

Nice daily cigar

Good daily cigar- especially for the sale price

By james on Jul 16, 2019

Fantastic Cigars!

I purchased this bundle thinking it would be an affordable way for a daily smoke, but boy was I wrong! These cigars, at incredible prices, became my go to smoke and I even begin sharing them with my friends! Mild and tasty!

By Seraphim on Jul 23, 2019


By Tom on Aug 20, 2019

Took me by surprise

I was expecting a lot worse but it destroyed all of my preconceived notions as it has a solid construction; the favor was not bold but good. It had a decent creamy, woody and somewhat of earthy taste for lack of a better term

By Juan on Aug 5, 2019

Glad I tried 'em.

I saw these in various catalogs & online & thought I'd maybe like to try them out. I read the reviews on your website & they were good, so I took the plunge. You had them on sale, which included a free bonus 5 pack. When I got them I kept one out of the humidor to smoke right away. With a clean cut, it offered an easy draw. A few were rolled a little tightly, but opened up with a poke. No issues with construction & I only had to relight it if I had not paid any attention to it. A bit stronger than medium in strength, which was fine, and a decent amount of smoke, which I like in a cigar. Some felt like they got a little stronger towards the end. 2 or 3 canoes that straightened out & didn't effect the smoke as far as I am concerned. The price was very right & delivery was on time & in perfect condition. Being retired & on a fixed budget, these are the types of deals I look for. I enjoyed every one of the 30 cigars & would buy them again.

By Joe on Aug 6, 2019

See previous El Coto review, I lumped the bundle & bonus together!

By Joe on Aug 6, 2019

By Daniel on Aug 15, 2019

El Coto Toro is rated 3.9 out of 5 based on 91 customer ratings.

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