Cigar Humidors - Climate controlled cigar boxes.

Cigar humidors and boxes to protect your smokes. carries only the highest quality cigar humidors, cigar humidor accessories, travel humidors, humidifiers, credos, crystals and hygrometers. Cigar humidors are indispensable to any cigar lover as they keep your cigars in optimal form for smoking. Many cigar connoisseurs even purchase travel humidors to bring their prized cigars with them on business trips, outings, meetings or vacation.

Getting started with cigar humidors is easy. All humidors should be re-humidified before their first use. Just place a shallow container filled with distilled water in the humidor, place your calibrated hygrometer inside the humidor, charge your humidification device and place it inside the humidor. If you fill up your humidor without first re-humidifying the wood, you may ruin your cigars, so don't forget to follow these important steps. Be sure to check the relative humidity every day. When you get in the 70 range it is safe to store your cigars inside. As long as you constantly recharge your humidification device you will never have to wait to store your cigars again.

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