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Tornado Torch Lighter - Chrome And Carbon Fiber
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Tornado Torch Lighter - Chrome And Carbon Fiber

From: Jetline Item #: 29291
Carbon Fiber Look
$20.00 MSRP - 55% OFF
Best Price Guarantee
The slick and convenient Tornado refillable butane torch lighter is perfect for toasting your favorite cigars, even when you're on the go. Ergonomic design allows for a perfect grip, and a powerful torch flame ensures an even light, every time.

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perfect single torch

got it for free with my order, perfect all around single torch when lighting or touching up the burn on your stogie without charring half your cigar like with triple and quadruple torch lighters.

By Jay on Oct 11, 2014

Durable Prodct

Small, but reliable

By Jason on May 16, 2017

By james on Apr 11, 2017

By Harold on Jun 17, 2017

By Jim on Sep 6, 2016


By Kevin on Dec 13, 2016

Good Torch

By Orie on Dec 6, 2016

By Paul on Dec 8, 2016


Product does what it subpost to do.

By Mikhail on Dec 13, 2016

Tornado Torch Lighter

By Harry on Dec 22, 2016

By Guy on Jan 5, 2017

By Alberto on Jan 12, 2017

Bad lighter

The one I received was broken. I don't care for the locking mechanism to have to jerry rig to open. I would not recommend this to anyone. It looks sleak, but that's about it.

By David on Feb 7, 2017

Torch Review

By robert on Feb 21, 2017

Works good

Better quality than expected for a cheaper lighter.

By Jayme on Feb 21, 2017

Tornado torch lighter

I have been unhappy with this product. It seems to regularly stop working properly.

By Steven on Mar 14, 2017

Hard to use. Not user friendly

By saul on Feb 21, 2017

By Luis on Feb 14, 2017


Lighter was good

By Terri on Feb 28, 2017


nice lighter

By J. on Mar 7, 2017

By robert on Mar 7, 2017

terrible design

hard to hold and operate. I gave it away

By Cole on Apr 13, 2017

Not Cabon fiber

I dropped it and it fell/came apart, so this casing is NOT Carbon Fiber. I had to super glue it together in order to keep using it.

By Gilbert on Apr 11, 2017

By ALLEN on Apr 20, 2017

By Phil on May 9, 2017

Tornado Torch

It took a few minutes to figure out how to ignite the lighter, after that though I can see why they call it a torch. It will work great on those windy days on the golf course...

By George on Apr 27, 2017

By Jeff on May 9, 2017

looks great- hard to use -did not last

looks great hard to use did not last

By Robert on May 11, 2017


work pretty good, and refillable

By Brian on Jun 30, 2017

Torch Lighter

they have not been very reliable

By Donna on Jul 11, 2017

By Mark on Aug 2, 2017

tatiana mini cigar

By farid on Aug 9, 2017


Looks good scratches kind of easy and my first one stopped working after 10 times using it. They were awesome and gave me another replacement have not filled and try to use it yet

By neil on Sep 12, 2017

By Jim on Sep 5, 2017

By bob on Sep 12, 2017


Works as advertised.

By TIMOTHY on Sep 12, 2017

By kenneth on Aug 31, 2017

By WARREN on Sep 6, 2017

Bargin lighter

Very good lighter for the price. A must have in the boat while fishing, it's windproof!

By Patrick on Sep 18, 2017


Not my favorite but it lights every time just didn't like the feel

By Robert on Sep 29, 2017

By John on Oct 12, 2017

Good looking lighter

This is a nice lighter but no it does have a safety closure you have to push to open

By Mike on Nov 14, 2017

Torch me

Good lighter. A little difficult to fill, but once done light my cigars well.

By Kenneth on Nov 7, 2017

By Matthew on Nov 12, 2017


i still have it till now and useful

By Daniel on Nov 7, 2017

By Jon on Nov 9, 2017

By cheryl on Nov 14, 2017

Better than expected

Works good, takes a bit to get the knack of the safety aspect.

By Steven on Dec 12, 2017

By John on Jan 2, 2018

Great lighter dependable

By Glen on Jan 23, 2018

By alvin on Jan 11, 2018

By William on Jan 16, 2018

Crappy Freebie

I would rather have a price drop on the cigar instead. Difficult to work especially with lighting cigars of larger ring sizes.

By Joe on Jan 12, 2018

By Lorri on Mar 5, 2018

By Robert on Feb 20, 2018

Tornado Lighter

This hoas been sent free on my previous orders. Works okay but awkward mechanism in operation

By Robert on Feb 28, 2018

By Wayne on Mar 20, 2018

By Kevin on Apr 24, 2018


Looks and works great

By Roland on Apr 24, 2018

By Christian on Apr 26, 2018

By SUSAN on May 1, 2018

By JIM on May 10, 2018

By Richard on May 29, 2018

By Robert on Jun 21, 2018

Doesn’t work

The lighter looks great, but doesn’t work. I’m filled the lighter, adjusted the flame control, but still cannot get it to light.

By andrew on Jun 26, 2018


By Frank on Jul 10, 2018

Very Good Value

I mostly order Quorum cigars. They are good cigars and the price is right for me.

By Thomas on Jul 10, 2018


Not a great performer, weak torch and needs to be refilled often.

By Robert on Jul 24, 2018

Not working very well ?

By john on Jul 19, 2018

torch lighter

great product for the price

By mark on Jul 26, 2018

By Robert on Aug 23, 2018


Borders on being useless.

By Richard on Sep 6, 2018

By Ted on Sep 10, 2018

By J. on Sep 20, 2018

Tornado lighter

A little hard to use

By Paul on Sep 27, 2018

Neat lighter odd shape

Neat little lighter but tricky to operate.

By David on Oct 25, 2018


Was a gift. Worked ok when new. Was not the easiest to light-

By Arien on Nov 18, 2018

By wolfram on Nov 8, 2018

It Burns!

Once I passed the IQ test and got it opened it worked great!

By peter on Nov 9, 2018

By joseph on Nov 20, 2018

Dual flame with good wind resistance. Nothing fancy but nice curved edges so it doesn’t snag or catch. Appears very durable.

By Christopher on Nov 23, 2018

By STANLEY on Dec 4, 2018

By lisandro on Jan 24, 2019

decent lighter

sturdy, works as one would expect

By Brian on Feb 5, 2019

Tornado Torch Lighter

Never used it - short life span.

By Linne on Feb 27, 2019


this lighter lights when it wants to

By Tony on Feb 19, 2019


not a bad lighter

By phil on Feb 12, 2019

By Robert on Feb 28, 2019

Not That Good

By CHARLIE on Mar 12, 2019


Great lighter.

By Eric on Mar 5, 2019

By Richard on Mar 7, 2019

Didn't use

Have too many already

By Christian on Mar 19, 2019

One of the best - Great Cheap lighter

By Sunil on Apr 3, 2019

By jim on Jul 30, 2019

By Ernest on May 16, 2019

By Robert on May 24, 2019

By Sheldon on Jul 11, 2019

By Daniel on Jul 25, 2019

The lighter was a piece of crap didn’t last a week

By phil on Sep 3, 2019

By Peter on Sep 17, 2019

poor performance

Lasted about a month and stopped lighting

By Robert on Sep 27, 2019

Didn't work for meI

I don't know what it is but every lighter ii have bought is not working, I guess I'm not smart enough to operate a lighter so I just went back to the ole trusty bic

By Robert on Oct 17, 2019


Great lighter. Fuel lasts a long time, small enough to take with you and it was a free gift from BCP.

By Charles on May 23, 2014

Tornado Torch Lighter

Once I figured out to get it to light, really a nice torch lighter.

By Steve on Dec 12, 2019

Tornado Torch Lighter - Chrome And Carbon Fiber is rated 3.3 out of 5 based on 104 customer ratings.

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