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Montecristo Signature Series White Travel 20 Count Humidor

From: Montecristo Item #: 220633
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Holds up to 20 cigars. The Montecristo Signature Series Travel Humidor combines durability, functionality, and aesthetics to ensure that your cigars are safe and sound, no matter where you take them.

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looks sharp

great looking travel box

By Martin on May 4, 2015

Montecristo Signature Series White Travel 20 Count Humidor is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 1 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

How do I charge this humidor?

You can charge/prepare this Montecristo Signature Series White Travel 20 Count humidor for cigars by inserting the ready to use Xikar Humidipak - 75% relative humidity packet by Boveda into the humidor alongside the cigars. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff at Best Cigar Prices.

By Stephen on Mar 6, 2019

how this humidor works what is PG Potion

Thank you for your questions. This is a travel humidor that is designed for keeping cigars fresh for up to almost 2 months. This particular humidor has a humidifier built right in. You just need to make sure you check on your cigars periodically and re-humidify when necessary with PG Potion. PG Potion is a propylene glycol solution that will consistently maintain 70 percent relative humidity in your humidor. This is considered the optimal humidity level for storing cigars. I hope that this has satisfactorily answered your questions. If we can be of any additional assistance or if you need further clarification with the answers provided please feel free to reach out to us.

By ara on Jan 6, 2016

what is the cigar size length and ring size I can put in this Humidor.

This will fit up to 20 churchill sized cigars. 7 X 50 is the normal Churchill size

By jim on Sep 8, 2014

How do I humidify the Montecristo Signature travel humidor?

There is a humidifier built right into this humidor, which is a foam humidifier and can be charged with our PG Potion.

By carmine on Sep 17, 2014