Oba Oba Toro Maduro - by Perdomo Bundle of 25
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Oba Oba Toro Maduro - by Perdomo

From: Oba Oba - by Perdomo Item #: 5056
$78.00 MSRP - 35% OFF
A customer favorite and top-seller since their introduction in 2002, Oba Oba is easily one of the best bundled stogies there is. Our value-priced Nicaraguan puros are loaded with savory flavor and feature a consistent, even burn and draw thanks to their precise Cuban-Sandwich-style construction. Offered in either creamy Connecticut or chocolaty maduro wrapper shades, the unbeatable value of Oba Oba is only available here, at BCP.

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Perdomo delight

This is a medium to full bodied cigar. It is a great smoke on a small budget. For the money it is the best smoke on the market for a daily smoker.

By Justin on Feb 23, 2015

one of BCG's best; no wonder they are very popular now

Great medium flavor, smooth but not too dry. One of the best value priced / top-shelf cigars around,

By david on Feb 21, 2014

Oba Oba

A fine smoking experiece at a great price.

By Robert on May 26, 2014

Very good, but cheap

Very good cigar for the price, everyday cigar.

By Jeff on Apr 1, 2015

Review Title

good everyday cigar for myself, well worth the price

By rory on Dec 22, 2016

Good cheap cigar!

These are a good, solid smoke for the price. More of an everyday cigar for the budget smoker or a good start for a beginner not wanting to spend hundreds, they get the job done for a medium bodied maduro that contains mixed filler. They aren't soft or poorly filled as some short or mixed filler bundles can be. Not a complex cigar but does have earthy accents. You can do alot worse that is for sure.

By Jason on Dec 26, 2012


good cigars

By Jim on Oct 19, 2016

Oba Oba Toro Maduro - by Perdomo is rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings.

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