Flor De Oliva - Natural 852 Giant Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Flor De Oliva - Natural 852 Giant

From: Oliva Flor de Oliva Item #: 25478
2X Deal - 40 Total Cigars
In Stock
Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
In Stock
About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 52 Ring
Length 8 Inches
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Natural

Oliva wouldn't put their well-respected family name on a product they didn't stand behind- that's how you know you can trust Flor de Oliva. These long filler budget smokes come in either natural, maduro, Corojo, or Connecticut wrappers and feature all the trimmings of a premium smoke for an easy price. Flor de Oliva - Natural 852 Giant presents smooth, medium-bodied taste in a super-sized 8x52 vitola.

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Flor De Oliva

Always a good smoke, love these

By Philip on Oct 23, 2022

Great Cigar

Great cigar value!

By Judi on Aug 23, 2022

It’s Oliva!

Look, they might not be a Melanie V, but as a inexpensive, long filler daily stick, I haven’t been able to beat them.

By Raymond on Jun 16, 2022


Smoked flor de oliva for years with great satisfaction. Last few orders different, 1 in 2 draw very poorly!

By William on Apr 14, 2022

Flor De Oliva

Too soft. Not oliva quality

By Dave on Feb 8, 2022

By Fredric on Aug 4, 2021

By William on Mar 16, 2021

Flor de Oliva Natural 852 Giant.

My favorite . firm body ,stays lit little sweet in the beginning .Smooth draw As it gets shorter does not get hot .

By Reginald on Jan 26, 2021

Best Budget

For bundle smokers, and guys looking for a good “yard ‘gar” this is a solid choice. For the budget conscious this is also an excellent cigar choice.

By BRANDON on Oct 20, 2020

Big smoke

great quality for the price

By Stephen on Oct 1, 2020

Flor De Oliva

I have always enjoyed Oliva's. This cigar smokes well and has a great flavor.

By Philip on Sep 22, 2020

Favorite Cigar

These are my favorite everyday cirgar.

By Jeffrey on Aug 7, 2020

Good cigars

I like these cigars because they are smooth and have a great flavor long lasting

By Samuel on Jul 21, 2020

Great everyday cigar

Well worth the money full flavor heavy smoke

By patrick on Apr 30, 2020

Product Review

I love this cigar, it lasts for 9 holes on the golf course. Great product, supper value.

By Tom on Mar 12, 2020

Good Cigar for the Price

Great cigar for the golf course. It usually lasts about an hour and a half even on the golf course. Good burn and draw with few exceptions.

By Jack on Feb 13, 2020

Flora de oliva

Excellent Cigars. Excellent Price!

By JEFFERY on Jan 10, 2020

Best Cheap Cigar on the Planet

An all around great cigar at a budget price. My everyday cigar. A cigar store owner turned me on to them years ago by saying "Son I can sell you any price cigar you want, but what am I smoking this $6 Flor de Oliva" 15 years later and 100's of cigars of all prices compared and it's still true. On the net in bulk at $2 a stick, how can you go wrong. I only try other cigars so that I can revel in how big a bargain the FDO's are.

By Gary on Oct 17, 2019

A Fave!

Not being a man of means this one pulls in as a favorite of mine as a large smoke for a large fella.:)

By david on Jul 8, 2019

By R on May 9, 2019

One of my favorites

Great value and one puff favorites.

By David on Apr 9, 2019

Flora De Oliva 8x52

This are much cheaper to purchase than in cigar shops. These are my favorite cigar and a very reasonable price. They usually ship the same day as my order and arrive within 2-3 business days. No disappointments at all here. Keep up the great work!

By Jeffrey on Feb 17, 2019

Great cigar

Probably the best $2 cigar you will ever smoke, smooth, medium strength, an aroma that’s inviting.

By Jeff on Nov 22, 2018

My Toto cigar

Since I found this Oliva I have smoked nothing else. Great construction great taste

By Ronald on Nov 6, 2018

Flor De Oliva Natural 852

Well balanced cigar from start to finish but incinsistance with the tightness of the role and draw hold it back.

By Brent on Oct 10, 2018

Consistant quality

Never disappoints and the best price here by far. Great everyday choice.

By Randy on Oct 2, 2018

By Keith on Jun 21, 2018

Great Cigar

This is my Favorite Cigar!

By Mike on Mar 29, 2018


Not a good buy

By keith on Jan 30, 2018

Flor de Oliva natural 852

These are nice big cigars that start with a sweet taste when lit that quickly dissapates after a few draws. They have a consistent draw and maintain a medium strength taste throughout. Good construction and consistent burn. Very good Cigar for the price. Good value.

By Blaine on Jan 6, 2018

Flor de Oliva 852 giant

Nice medium body smoke. Construction sometimes disappoints. However, it's my go to smoke

By Kirk on Dec 28, 2017


These are the best cigars and they last a very long time!

By Michael on Aug 31, 2017

Great Cigar for the Price

I've been smoking these for 20 years. Great everyday cigar for the price. Nice burn and great flavor. Sometimes a little uneven burn.

By chris on Aug 10, 2017

My favs

Best cigar for the buck. Test like any 10 -12 dollar stick you can buy.

By Ronald on Aug 3, 2017

Great Value

I smoke 4 or 5 sticks a day. Theshe buget friendly smokes let me have my cake and eat it too.

By Roger on Aug 1, 2017

My fave!

I love Oliva cigars and this bargain type in particular BUT......the last 2 bundles I ordered were completely dried out and falling apart. It took 3 weeks in the humidor before I could even start enjoying them. I'm ordering them again shortly so hoping for fresh ones.

By PHILLIP on Jul 31, 2017

Flor de Oliva - Natural 852

Great price. Great value.

By Gerald on Jul 18, 2017

Excellent smoke

By Keith on Jul 6, 2017

Good every day smoke

Mild to medium strength.
Pleasant flavor.
Sometimes burns unevenly.
Good value.

By John on Apr 20, 2017

Flor de Oliva

Worst cigar I ever smoked (I don't want others to try that would cause a "back order situation" for me)

By Kirk on Mar 21, 2017

Great Everyday Cigar

These tasty vitolas consistently provide a great smoke at reasonable cost. It's my regular favorite.

By Michael on Mar 9, 2017

852 thumbs up!

Great smoke, My favorite cigar

By Colman on Feb 24, 2017

By Colman on Feb 24, 2017

Great value

One of the best medium bodied cigars for the price point out there.

By Gerald on Feb 9, 2017

By Vincent on Jan 24, 2017


These fabulous sticks are the best everyday smokes around. Smooth and clean from the great house of Oliva.

By PHILLIP on Jan 17, 2017

flor de oliva

good everyday cigar

By Daniel on Jan 10, 2017


A great cigar if you're looking for medium body and flavor with a touch of sweetness without complexity. Very consistent burn and draw along with reasonable price makes this a great value.

By Michael on Dec 8, 2016

The affordable Oliva

I am retired and can't justify the price of highly rated cigars anymore. I have smoked Flor de Oliva cigars for many years and enjoy them as much or even more than most others regardless of price. Rarely, one may be packed too tight or a little loose as compared to the pricier Olivas, but overall, they are very good.

By David on Sep 3, 2015

Love these!

My go to cigar for years!

By Carl on Jun 11, 2015

Good Valued Smoke

I enjoyed this cigar. It's basically a good for the price, big, time killing porch smoking cigar. From a company that makes good cigars, Oliva.

By Eric on Apr 6, 2015

Affordable Oliva

A very good cigar. The construction and burn not as consistant as the more expensive Olivas.

By David on Mar 5, 2015

Best Cigar at twice the price

This is my everyday Cigar because it is the best tasting, best smoking cigar at twice the price. Beats every other cigar out there at the $4 price point and can be had for $1.80 a stick.

By Gary on Feb 13, 2015

Good value with lots of flavor

Inexpensive cigar with medium flavor. I like Robusto better but 852 is a great fishing/dog walking cigar.

By Briggs on Sep 17, 2014

My Giant

I like large cigars on a budget and the Flor de Oliva natural 8 x 52 is my go to smoke. I have always liked the Flor de Oliva natural double corona as my daily cigar and then I found the giants at the same price. I think these cigars have a great taste and best of all they are very reasonably priced.

Great value!

By Carl on Aug 12, 2014

Flor 8x52s

These are good everyday mild to medium cigars. Their construction is pretty consistent. I like the naturally sweet Ecuadorian Sumatra wrap. They are not very complex...just a straight forward decent smoke if one likes Nicaraguan cigars.

By Carl on Aug 12, 2014


good inexpensive smoke

By Briggs on Jun 5, 2014

Flor De Oliva - Natural 852 Giant is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 57 customer ratings.

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