Retail VG03S 150 Count Humidor By Orleans
Retail VG03S 150 Count Humidor By Orleans thumbnail image 1

Retail VG03S 150 Count Humidor By Orleans

From: Orleans Item #: 6956

$154.00 MSRP - 24% OFF
About This Item
Material Wood
Glass Top No
Capacity 150
Exterior Color Dark Wood
Includes Built-in Hygrometer
Includes Humidifier
Includes Lock/key
Type Door
The VG03S is a great way to display your stores fine cigars in full view. Features include three angled cedar trays, outside hygrometer, and cherry finish.

Dimensions (Outside):

11in W x 13in D x 19in H

Customer Questions

how long my cigars will keep before I have to refill it . an that this unit come with evrything I need or do I have to buy other items thanks carlos

You can keep cigars indefinitely in your humidor! The humidifier typically needs to be filled every 1-2 months

By carlos on Sep 9, 2014

how long the cigars stay good days or a month

Cigars have no age limitations. They age the same way as wine and only get better with age!

By carlos on Sep 8, 2014