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Burlwood 40 Count Humidor W/ Humidifier And Hygrometer
Burlwood 40 Count Humidor W/ Humidifier And Hygrometer  thumbnail image 1
Burlwood 40 Count Humidor W/ Humidifier And Hygrometer  360 image

Burlwood 40 Count Humidor W/ Humidifier And Hygrometer

From: Orleans Item #: 7257

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About This Item
Type Lid
Glass Top No
Includes Humidifier
Material Wood
Includes Hygrometer
Exterior Color Exotic / Multi-colored
Capacity 40
All Spanish cedar lined interior with humidifier and hygrometer included. Dimensions (Outside) 10 1/4in W x 8 1/2in D x 4 1/4in H

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Expectations were modest I was simply shocked Had it seasoned and after 60 days stillat 70 % humidity Easy to calibrate with great instructions Seasin it as you are directed No disappointment at all

By Stephen on Mar 2, 2018

By DAVID on Oct 31, 2017

Intro humidor

For the price can't beat it. Only wish it had a better seal

By John on Sep 26, 2017

By Charles on Sep 12, 2017

Does the job

Good budget box

By william on May 9, 2017

By roger on Feb 28, 2017

Burlwood Humidor

By far the best deal I have had in a while. You cannot beat the price.

By Karen on Jul 28, 2015

Burlwood 40 Count Humidor and accessories

Not bad for a lower priced humidor, its my 2nd box for when i buy a box of sticks. Appearance was a little less then expected but ok, I wasn't buying for looks, I was buying for low price/good construction. The construction is solid and the seal / Lid seems to fit well to form a good seal. I'm still seasoning it, I've only had it 3-4 days now but its been holding a consistent RH level since I've started it, no fluctuations. The analog hygrometer that came with it is a little fussy to calibrate, but I purchased a digital hygrometer for it anyways, they are way more accurate. I haven't used the humidifier that came with it because I use the Boveda humidipaks instead, they are more stable and low maintenance. All in all I would recommend buying it this humidor, it was the right size and price with solid construction for my extra box and seems able to do the job at hand!

By Gordon on Jul 18, 2015

Orleans Burlwood 40 count Humidor

This humidor is fairly surprising. I needed a couple small humidors to serve until I relocate and can get or build a nice, large unit. For the price, I was expecting a box that might keep some cigars semi safe for awhile.. When they arrived , to my surprise, they are nice looking and have been keeping my cigars at a steady 75% humidity. For the price I don't think you can beat this humidor...nothing spectacular, but the price isn't "spectacular" either.....just really low. A really good deal from BCP.

By Richard on Sep 4, 2014


Nice looking box, but when I opened it, the inside trim on the cover was loose and fell out.

By Dennis on Aug 12, 2014

Good box, but...

After years of keeping my cigars in a ziplock bag, I finally purchsed this humidor. I am very pleased with the humnidor, that is, with the box itself. After careful seasoning, it seals well and is solid. As for the hygrometer and humidifier, well, you get what you pay for. The hygrometer was hard to calibrate and I had to take it apart to do so. I am not too confident of its readings. The humidifier burst open after filling it with distilled H2O during the seasoning process. The crystals went all over into the humidor and I had to stuff as many as I could back into the unit. Fortunately, I had yet to put my cigars in the box. I anticipate buying a better hygrometer and humidifier down the line.

By Tim on Apr 6, 2013

Burlwood 40 Count Humidor W/ Humidifier And Hygrometer is rated 5 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

How does this works? Do you plug it in, buy certain packets, add water? just need some info.

All you need to do is use distilled water to charge the humidifier.

By richard on Jul 18, 2014