Perdomo Coffee Mug Gift Sampler 5 Cigars with Accessory
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Perdomo Coffee Mug Gift Sampler

From: Perdomo Item #: 229083

5 Cigars with Accessory
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$34.27 MSRP - 12% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 5 Cigars
Length Various Lengths
Diameter Various Diameters
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Cigars With Accessory
Shape Regular
Strength Various
Wrapper Various
The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates fine Nicaraguan cigars, our Perdomo Coffee Mug Gift Sampler showcases 5 of Perdomos most satisfying handmade creations and comes with a cool, collectible Perdomo coffee mug with a built-in cigar holder on the handle! Featuring Perdomos most popular premiums like Perdomo Lot 23, Habano, and Reserve Champagne, as well as our best-selling exclusive Oba Oba and Eterno cigars, this sampler is sure to please your favorite aficionado, even if that aficionado happens to be you!

Sampler Contents

Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto Natural $5.75 MSRP
Perdomo Habano Robusto Connecticut $6.50 MSRP
Oba Oba Toro Natural by Perdomo $3.12 MSRP
Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir Robusto $8.12 MSRP
Eterno Robusto Connecticut by Perdomo $7.68 MSRP
Sampler MSRP: $34.27
Best Cigar Prices: $29.99
$4.28 off MSRP

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