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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir Corona Extra

From: Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Item #: 63926

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To prepare the wrappers for Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir, Tabacalera Perdomo aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Maduro leaves in a pilon for over 14 months. They then put these dark, toothy wrapper leaves in bourbon barrels for an additional six months, which, according to Nick Perdomo, Jr., provides “parallel colors, a clean even burn, and rich, complex flavors.” He couldn’t be more right—these flawless, dark stogies give off coffee, chocolate, and oak aromas, and the filler leaves are consistently packed throughout the cigar. This is a welcome addition to the already highly rated Perdomo Reserve line, and is sure to please any lover of Maduro-wrapped smokes.

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