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Replacement Key For Quality Humidor
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Replacement Key For Quality Humidor

From: Quality Item #: 229225

$5.00 MSRP - 40% OFF
Lose your humidor key? It happens. Luckily we've got these replacement keys in stock and ready to ship.

Compatible with most Quality humidors.

Customer Questions

Hi-- Are the keys plastic or metal? Thanks

The keys are metal.

By Eric on Sep 12, 2018

I have a couple of humidors I bought at a thrift store but they did not come with keys. I found a key that seems to work from a cheap set of handcuffs. It is a barrel key, outside diameter of the barrel is about 3/16" and the inside diameter is about 1/8". The width of the barrel and the "bit" or flat part looks to be about 3/8". Is this close to the size of your replacement keys?

The types of locks that use these replacement keys are universal, so this replacement key should work for your humidors.

By Bill on Jan 2, 2018