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The Ogre 70 X 7 By Asylum 5 Cigars
The Ogre 70 X 7 By Asylum thumbnail image 1

The Ogre 70 X 7 By Asylum

From: The Ogre by Asylum Item #: 220273
$46.80 MSRP - 10% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 5 Cigars
Length 7 Inches
Diameter 70 Ring
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Loose Pack
Shape Regular
Strength Medium-full Bodied
Wrapper Multiple Wrappers
The Asylum 13 Ogre is a Candela and Habano Maduro-wrapped “barberpole” blend from Asylum cigars. The fourth blend in Fabricas Unidas’ Asylum cigar line, the Ogre is available in monsterous 6x60, 7x70, and even 6x80 vitolas for an ultra-cool-burning and flavorful "big ring" smoke like none other. Expect a massive parade of smooth flavor with notes of grass, wood, mild spice, cocoa, cream, and earthy sweetness.

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I love this cigar Asylum Ogre, the great taste is a must and this cigar has just that and some!

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Monsterous Smoke

This 70 ring size cigar is a great smoke. It's smooth body flavor taste great all the way down until it burns your mustache. It burns evenly and taste great even if you have to relight it after taking a break from the 3 hour smoke. It is a great value.

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If You Like Big and Slow and Powerful

I bought this one at a competitor before I found out that BCP has the best selection and prices on the internet....This is a big smoke - the gauge and size is as big as a grown man can handle and still look gentlemanly. Having said that, one the first puff I was already relaxed this cigar gives meaning to the term "tour de force" and .... buy it here and forget you know who as I have!

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awesome smoke

I like big ring cigars and this is the biggest I've tired. The draw was smooth and produced lots of smoke. After the first inch it settled down and the flavor was a medium spice. Took nearly 4 hours to finish so it's a commitment. I'll keep a 5 pack in my humidor.

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Worth a Try - Except...

This one is definitely a social statement maker if you smoke in public. That being said, it IS worth trying, but as far as a regular, or even monthly smoke, I personally would not by a box unless one wants to give sticks to friends or just shock them with the size and display of the camo-wrappers.

BCP might want to consider a 5 pack offering. First, they would sell more. Second, true cigar fans would try the Ogre and tell others. Again, a box is overkill IMO for this stick.

The burn can be uneven and requires carful rolling and touch ups with a pointy flame lighter to achieve an even burn. The flavors are interesting and change as one navigates this long giant cigar.

Begins with soft light spice, then rich & tangy, then gets more spicy, then even more spice. If you keep smoking further and commit to the nub, a bit of a head rush at the end.

Note: It will take nearly an hour to properly smoke this bat-sized beauty. Due to the combination of the blend and multi-wrappers, some ash flake will occur during the duration of the smoke.

Truly presents a conversation piece for male and female smokers or non-smokers just curious "What is That". Yes, size does matter. This cigar looks awesome sitting on a desk, or in the center console of your favorite automobile. If you want people to notice you, whip one out! The shock value alone is worth the price every time.

BCP regular customer. I try many sampler packs from BCP. This stick is NOT currently available in a sampler or 5 pack and comes in a beautiful box of 30 packaged for perfection.


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The Ogre 70 X 7 By Asylum is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings.

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