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Trader Jacks Kickin Cigars Sealed Pack of 20
Trader Jacks Kickin Cigars thumbnail image 1

Trader Jacks Kickin Cigars

From: Trader Jack Item #: 24973
Sealed Pack of 20
In Stock
$32.40 MSRP - 25% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Length 6 1/4 Inches
Diameter 45 Ring
Flavor Other
Origin United States
Packaging Sealed Pack
Shape Regular
Strength Mild Bodied
Wrapper Natural
Smooth, sweet and kissed with the essence of island spice and ocean breeze, Trader Jacks Kickin Cigars come to us from the esteemed J.C. Newman Cigar Company. To say that these are not your average cigar is a vast understatement - Trader Jacks provide a unique, aromatic smoking experience with hints, of vanilla, cocoa, spice, and more. Made using Connecticut wrappers over a savory mix of Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan leaves, Trader Jacks will transport your palate to paradise for a virtual vacation of delicious relaxation - grab your batch now!

Here's what others have to say about this item!

(46 Reviews)

Great cigars

My husband and his friends smoke these cigars religiously. They are not overpowering and have a smooth flavor. For the price and quantity, I highly recommend them!

By Andrea on Mar 12, 2015

Trader Jacks Cigars

Trader Jacks Cigars are a Great sweet smell'n, tasting Cigar! I really enjoy them. Kick ASS!

By Paul on Aug 17, 2014

Good smokes

Good smokes great price

By Steve on Jul 2, 2015

Great Cigars

Love this smoke . Always a value and treat ;)

By Robert on Aug 12, 2014

Great give away smoke.

I try to keep these on hand.

By David on Aug 12, 2014


Nice sweet mild well wrapped blend that I enjoy daily. Great consistency that burns nice lasting me a few hours while getting things done around the house.

By Dean on Aug 14, 2014

Trader Jacks

Great smoke for the $$$$..Try em

By Robert on Feb 7, 2015

A great daily, inexpensive stick

My wife and I both smoke these when we want a flavored, mild smoke. They are great with a medium bodied ale or a good light lager.
They are a little rough on construction, and occasionally one will canoe while burning. For the price and flavor, one stick out of several not being perfect is worth it.

By Ernest on Sep 25, 2014

TJ kicking

Great cigars for guest, fireside, etc. slightly sweet outer wrapper, mild, and inexpensive.

By David on Apr 3, 2015


These are my best cigars, they are mild and with an excellent taste and they smell very good. Also they always come very fresh.

By Bernard on Feb 5, 2015

Kickin' Cigars

Kickin' Ass Cigars

By Dennis on Jul 2, 2015

Trader Jack's Kicken Cigars

Always fresh. Mild and flavored. Natural wrap.
Inexpensive. Stores well. Shipping More than reasonable.
I buy five bags at a time.

By William on Feb 11, 2015

secret goodness

a surprise in a stick. smooth and tasteful.
Best bargain I've found yet!

By Thomas on Dec 22, 2014

Trader Jacks Cigars

I have purchased these cigars for several years and find them always fresh. The customer service when necessary is always friendly with the answer you need. Never a story about company policy! The cigar is well priced and the shipping is reasonable. Makes the whole experience enjoyable. I am a happy customer.

By William on Apr 8, 2015

Trader Jacks

Great cigars

By Timothy on Apr 2, 2015

Trader Jack's Kicking' Cigars

Smoke them all the time Enjoy thier mild flavor and excellent price. Stay fresh in sealed plastic bag for weeks.

By William on Sep 24, 2014

Trader Jacks

Great smoke for the Money..Try em...

By Robert on May 16, 2015

Mike from Chicago

Wow! What a great cigar. Not much hype about these cigars, I found them almost by accident but I am glad I did. These are my new favorite replacing my $4 cigars at less than half the cost. My wife and Freinds also seem to enjoy them. The packaging is different but seems to keep them fresher. They are constructed very well and burn perfectly every time.

By Michael on Aug 15, 2014

great cigars

i love these cigars. their mild with a great taste. the price is just as good as the cigars themselves. i'm glad i found this site. thank you.

By KENNETH on Aug 12, 2014


Kick Ass !!!!!

By Paul on Aug 17, 2014

Trader Jacks

Try this one...Great smoke

By Robert on Dec 29, 2014

Trader Jacks

My wife loves these.

By Jim on Oct 29, 2015

Traer Jack's Kicken' Cigars

The best value for a flavorful cigar. I buy them regularly. Cannot go wrong.

By William on Sep 2, 2015

Trader Jack's

These cigars do have a irresistible flavor.! and a Great price.! Im on bag #5 and loving them.!

By joel on Oct 11, 2015

Not my first rodeo

Purchased these in a humidor promo recently. They have become one of my everyday smokes. Nice rum notes, long draw and an even burn. I like them a lot

By RONALD on Oct 30, 2015

Trader Jack's Kicken Cigars

Great natural leaf wrapped cigar. Smells and tastes great. Well priced and always fresh.

By William on Oct 23, 2015

Trader Jack Awesome Smoke

Great tasting great smoking cigar. It's the best for the money!!!

By AL on Nov 2, 2015

Trader Jack's Kickin' Cigars

Trader Jack's has been a favorite of mine for a long time. They are rather mild, and although they smoke quickly, they are still a good value. Being able to get them from Best Cigar Prices in the mail was crucial, as the area we just recently moved to has not retail cigar stores.

By Scott on Nov 12, 2015

trader jacks kickin cigars

super value. competitive with many other flavored cigars.

By Thomas on Aug 12, 2014

Trader Jack's

A great cigar for the price!!

By Curtis on Aug 12, 2014

Great value.

Nice cigars for the price, if you were going on a camping trip or just wanted to hand out cigars at your next BBQ you cant beat it.

By Steve on May 28, 2015

Try It, You'll Really Like It

i tried Trader Jack only because of the multitude of positive reviews i had read. the first one i tried, i hated! so sickeningly sweet at first taste. however, the sweetness quickly went away, and the smoke was surprisingly good. a mild, easy draw, lots of smoke, and an even burn. mi've smoked over 50 of them and every one has burned evenly! (even my Padrons couldn't boast of that).
it is a perfect morning cigar with my coffee, nd good to smoke at anytime. i love these little cigars. i can't believe just how little they cost! i'd pay much more since they satisfy my taste so much. never have had any issues with flaking either. they may not be "handmade", but who cares as they smoke better than other handmades i have tried. a wonderful everyday smoke. try a package and see for yourself.

By robert on May 28, 2015

Trader Jack's Kicken Cigars

Fresh for weeks. Occaisionally burn crooked. In stock alway. Great value.

By William on Jul 10, 2015

trader jack's kickin cigars

for the money a good cigar that you don't mind sharing with your friends

By Harry on Jul 30, 2015

Great Value Smoke

After reading all of the positive reviews on theses sticks, we decided to order a bag. No disappointments in these fragrant sticks. The rum is not overpowering, the burn is relatively slow and even; just a nice sweet smoke with the wife at the end of the day. We will be reordering these.

By Jeff on Jun 18, 2015

D**n good cigar

Trade Jack cigars are d**n good cigars. I like the Kuba Kuba cigars but the they are costly. When I tried Trader jacks cigars I liked them right off the bat. They are smooth, and the flavor last thru the entire smoke.The cigar is a loosely wrapped for my taste but it draws well. The appearance is fine to me. The cost is big for me because it is affordable and has a better taste than the more costly flavored cigars.

By Jerald on Feb 27, 2013

Sweet Cigar!!

These cigars are an incredible deal! I can't believe how smooth they taste the whole way through! It never gets bitter or harsh tasting. They smell really good too in the package. Also, I love the stay fresh package. I ordered 2 packs & let them sit over a month as it was too cold to smoke outside. When I opened one up & smoked a few they tasted real fresh. I'm hooked! I don't plan on running out of these ever!

By robert on Mar 15, 2015

Long Time Cigar Smoker

I just got my 1st bag. WOW! I regularly smoke medium to bold $2-4$ cigars and this cigar is such a nice change from those blah Dominican/Nicaraguan smokes. Fresh, aromatic (my wife said: that smells so good), tasty (yes tasty), burns well, draws well and smokes down to the nub. Don't think that mild means no flavor! I will always keep a bag around, love them!!!

By Matthew on May 20, 2016

Very mild

Thus cigar was very mild. It does have a good smell and tas and seems to get a bit better about the second half. For the price they are great however I will not be getting them again. I do recommend if you like a mild sweet cigar.

By Dylan on Jun 26, 2016

Nice smokes! I just picked up a pack of these (more for my wife than me) however, I wanted to try them out. They come in a heavy zip lock bag and were a tad on the moist side but not a big deal. The burn was fairly even and the ash was light (so be careful if you are driving with the window open like I did).. The flavor was pleasant with some hints of rum and perhaps a little mango and spice in the background. The aroma was pleasant as well. .

For the money, these are a great value. I'd definitely recommend these and will absolutely buy them again!

By Rollin on Oct 13, 2016



By Joe on Dec 27, 2016

By James on Feb 2, 2017

By James on Feb 9, 2017

Consistently fresh

My husband LOVES receiving his package from "Best Cigar"! The cigars are always consistently fresh and the ease of having them delivered to your door is outstanding!

By Paula on Feb 11, 2017

Per The $$

I just ordered my 1st bag...and all the reviews were RIGHT!!! of the fresh'est , Ive had at no matter the price...have a little sweet taste and A very GOOD mild blend of smoke! ,I have to give these a A+++ for the money ,I like a little stronger smoke but per the $$$ theses are a good A+++....nice JOB!!

By Ronald on Aug 17, 2015


Not an expensive cigar. It uses a copped filler, but the smoking is smooth and mild. One plus is that these cigars do not turn rancid when out and may be relit even several hours later yielding a pleasing smoke. I will continue buying them as long as they are available.

By Robert on Feb 9, 2017

Trader Jacks Kickin Cigars is rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 46 customer ratings.

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